5 Best Scrubs You Can Buy Online

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Wearing the best scrubs on your shift won’t only make you look good, it can greatly improve your day, too. Just like how the right pair of shoes can make you feel comfortable during your busy shift, the right scrubs should also help boost your performance at work.

But how exactly can you buy the best scrub online?

Here are a few tips you can use:

The right fabric

Scrubs are supposed to feel comfortable. Unfortunately, there are sets that are itchy and stiff. For your comfort, choose a scrub that’s made from soft fabrics. It should be resistant to wrinkles and breathable.

The most popular choice among nurses is a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. This type of cloth is easy to wash, wrinkle-resistant, and easy on the pocket. Fast becoming a favorite is 100% cotton material because of how soft and durable it is.

The right fit

When you’re ordering online, finding the right fit is one of the challenges you have to face. Since there’s no way for you to physically try on the scrubs, it’s a good idea to stick with those made with elastics or drawstrings. If you already have a pair from the same brand though, it’s easier to simply search for your size and choose different designs and patterns.

The right style

The best scrub will depend on your body type. It should flatter your best features and make the undesirable areas of your body less noticeable.

The right color

Most nurses wear white scrubs. It’s the signature color of the profession.

However, if you are constantly annoyed by how easy it is to stain them, you can consider wearing a different color. Just make sure that you check with your institution’s policy first. If there are no strict rules about colors, choose one that can match your personality, the patients you are caring for, and your comfort.

Another thing to consider when it comes to your scrub’s color is your size. If you lean more on the larger side, pick dark colored scrubs. For petite nurses, you can experiment with light colors as they can make you look taller and bigger.

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Now that we’ve got those things out of the way, it’s time you check out the best scrubs you can buy online.

11. Dagacci Medical Uniform Women’s Medical Scrub Set

This scrub set from Dagacci Medical comes in 9 different sizes. Whether you have a small or large body frame, you should be able to find one that’ll fit you. Apart from the wide range of sizes, it’s available in 24 different colors, too. Unfortunately, there are no printed options with this one.

The scrubs have a V-neck top which will work well for someone who has a pear-shaped body. It has straight leg pants with three side cargo pockets. As for quality, this pair won’t disappoint. The fabric is strong and the stitching is nicely done.

22. Just Love Women’s Solid Scrub Sets

Offering 26 color choices, Just Love Women’s Solid Scrub Set is somewhat similar to the first one. However, unlike the set from Dagacci Medical, the biggest size you can get these scrubs in is X-Large. It also has a V-neck top while its pants come with an elastic band to ensure the right fit.

Its fabric feels soft on the skin. That’s thanks to its 55% cotton and 45% polyester materials. It offers a lot of room so you can do your work without much restrictions and without worrying about your inner clothing peeking through your scrubs. Another nice thing about these scrubs is that they come with reinforced seams, making them more durable.

33. Natural Uniforms Women’s Scrub Set

If you have a larger body frame, you’ll find a good fitting pair with this one. Natural Uniforms Women’s Scrub Set’s largest size is marked at 5X-Large. It comes in 28 different colors to suit your personality and, of course, your hospital policy. The colors do not fade which is really good.

Same as with the first two scrubs, this set includes a V-neck top and straight leg pants. The top comes with two lower pockets while the pants have two back and two side pockets to give you a lot of storage.

The set isn’t technically that super soft, considering that it’s made of 65% polyester and only 35% cotton. Despite that, the scrubs are still comfortable to wear. It’s durable too because of the triple reinforced seams.

44. MedPro Women’s Contrast Trimmed Solid Medical Scrub Set

For the best scrub that’s stylish yet comfortable, this scrub set from MedPro Women makes a great choice. Its fabric is made from 55% cotton and 45% polyester. It’s available in X-Small to XX-Large.

The scrubs are available in 9 colors only. The set includes a mock wrap top and cargo pants. The top highlights a contrast trim near the neckline and two lower pockets. It comes with a bungee cord and a tie-back design. As for the pants, there are two slide slash pockets and two more cargo pockets.

55. Natural Uniforms Women’s Contrast Trim Scrub Set

Natural Uniforms Women’s Contrast Trim Scrub Set is another stylish option. It features a soft contrast trim V-neck top with two side pockets. Its boot cut leg pants, meanwhile, comes with two side and one back pocket. This is the style you should go for if you have an apple-shaped body.

The scrubs are made with 65% polyester and 35% cotton. It has triple reinforced seams to make sure it can keep up with the demands of your work. It comes in 7 different sizes, with XXX-Large as its largest size. As for the colors, you have 24 options with each color having a different shade for the contrast trim.

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