9 Scary Hospital Stories As Told By Nurses

scary hospital stories

Being so close to death and patients passing on, nurses can tell the most amazing scary hospital stories. Nurses have at least one spooky encounter of the supernatural kind.

Below are some scary hospital stories we dare you to read at night.

scary ghost stories

“Bless You”

C was a young nurse working the night shift at a very old nursing home. One night, during her shift, she was getting extra bedding and linen for a patient’s room when she sneezed. Clear as a bell, she heard the words “Bless you” from right behind her in the empty room.

Although rattled and still quite disbelieving her own ears, she was about to start praying aloud when the voice whispered, much nearer this time, “Our Father in heaven..”

C never went into the linen room alone after that and was understandably spooked for days.


nursing ghost stories

On the other side of the curtain

D was newly floated to the ER of an old hospital. It was usually very busy but that particular night, things were going smoothly and the patients were quiet.

D was checking on one sleeping patient when she felt the hairs at her nape stand on end. She could feel a person standing right beside her on the other side of the curtain. Looking swiftly, there was nobody and D chalked it up to her imagination.

After a few minutes, in a different bed, it happened again. A strange paralysis came over D and her hackles rose. She again felt a strong presence standing beside her and although she could see a silhouette in the curtain inches from her, she could not see the other person’s shoes. She suddenly heard an echoing high pitched giggle after which the shadow disappeared and she could breathe normally again.

Later, the other nurses shared how they also felt brief instances when they could feel somebody watching them but never as strong as D had felt it.


haunted hospital

Rocking chair nurse

L worked for a big hospital in the suburbs that had been standing since the world war. There was one room that was always occupied last because every patient who had stayed there would always complain of seeing a nurse in a rocking chair late at night.

According to their stories, the nurse never looked at them but silently rocked while looking out the window. It was supposedly a nun who worked in the hospital during the war and the window she looked out of frequently was overlooking the old cemetery in the hospital grounds.

L never believed the stories but one night, all the beds were full and they had to put a young patient in that room. Checking in on the young girl in the morning, L noticed that the girl seemed like she had a sleepless night. Probing further, the young girl told her, “That old nurse in my room was very sad. She was rocking all night beside me.”


creepy shadow

Shadow on the wall

P was a nurse taking care of a male patient with a terminal illness. During her night shift, the patient grew increasingly disturbed and P tried to get him to calm down and reassure him. It worked at first but it happened again and the patient was even more panicked than before. The patient was unintelligible so P could not fathom what was going on.

Puzzled, P left the door open and walked over to the deserted nurses’ station right across from the patient’s room. Looking idly back, P was shocked to see an unmistakable black shadow hunched menacingly over the patient’s agitated form.

It disappeared after a while and the patient died that same night.



The Ginger-Haired Nurse

A staff physician was delayed going home and as he was about to step into the waiting elevator, he heard a voice behind him say, “Don’t go yet.” Turning, he saw a ginger-haired nurse standing beside him suddenly.

She was giving him a wordless look of such intensity that the doctor went back to the floor. He was greeted by a a hurrying nurse who told him they needed his help. One of his patients was crashing and they got to work immediately.

Later, the doctor asked about the ginger-haired nurse but nobody knew who she was. One of the new nurses sidled up to him and told him about a ginger cat that liked to visit every now and again. They tried to shoo it away but it always managed to get in and out of the floor. It was a common fixture in the hospital until it died the week prior.


the surge

The Surge

Have you heard of the surge? This tale isn’t a scary hospital story but it’s thought-provoking just the same.

M was a hospice nurse and one of her favorite patients was nearing her end. When the patient was still quite strong, she enjoyed being wheeled to the small enclosed garden in the hospital that was right beside the chapel. The old lady loved to tell happy stories of her youth and the nurse obliged her by listening.

That night, M was sitting down with her feeling that her patient’s end was near. She was shocked when the patient suddenly sat up and asked for water.

She went on to say she was hungry and the staff, surprised at her sudden recovery, gave her a light meal. The old lady asked for her favorites though and she ate heartily. Later, she got up and they slowly made their way to their usual spot where they sat quietly for some minutes as M grappled with the impossibility of what was happening.

Her patient suddenly turned to her and said, “I’m tired, M. I want to lie down now.” M tucked her in and the next morning, she was dead. The older nurses later shared that they’d had similar experiences in the past wherein dying patients “rallied” right before they died.


spooky bathroom

The Handsome Man

H had a patient who was very pleasing to the eyes. He was very cantankerous though and after a while, the nurses would roll their eyes when he was mentioned except H who had the patience of a saint.

The handsome patient liked to torment H as a result and teased and aggravated her in varying degrees. He stayed for quite awhile in the hospital due to complications.

One night, coming from a rest day, H made a detour to the bathroom before her shift. After washing her hands, H looked up and under the full glow of the fluorescent lights, she saw her patient’s handsome face behind her reflected clearly in the bathroom mirror. He was smiling maniacally as if taunting her. She was hugely startled and turning swiftly to berate him, she was surprised to find herself alone in the small tiled bathroom.

Thinking her patient was pranking her, H’s mind was blown later when she received the news that her handsome patient had passed the night before. For several weeks after, H did not look at any mirrors especially at night.


nurses ghost stories

Don’t Let Me Die

Out of all the scary hospital stories we read, this is one of the creepiest. We’d paste it word per word but we can’t so we’ll have to tell it in our own words. We’re sticking with the real details though.

Nurse J recounted her experience with a possession.

A patient was suffering from many illnesses. Many patients are afraid to die but he stood out very much. When his monitors beeped warning signals, he would rage at the nurses screaming, “Don’t let me die! Don’t let me die!”

Later, Nurse J and the other nurses found out why he was supremely agitated.

At 0200, the man’s cardiac monitor starts alarming V-Tach. Nurse J and another nurse quickly went to his room with Nurse J following closely behind because she was pulling the crash cart. She bumped into the first nurse whom she noticed had turned very pale. When she looked at the bed, their patient was sitting 2 inches above the bed. He was laughing with a demonic look on his face. He said, ” You stupid b****es aren’t going to let me die will you?”

He kept laughing and Nurse J recounted how they were frozen to the spot. Still, she managed to hit Code Blue and suddenly, their patient went into V-fib crashing back into the bed as he did so. The nurses started coding him but it was called after 20 minutes.

Five minutes later, the staff is cleaning up when the dead man sits up suddenly. He said while laughing maniacally, ” You let him die. Too bad.” Their (dead) patient suddenly gave an agonized scream and everybody heard whispers of “don’t let me die”.

Nurse J recounted, “The night shift nurses had a prayer service in the break room before we left for home and then we all had nightmares for weeks.”



Doppelganger Nurse

Our next story happened to a nurse but involved another nurse, rather than a patient. A department was assigned a new nurse that had a slightly different vibe than the rest of the new nurses. She stood out for some strange reason and the others instinctively felt uncomfortable in her presence.

One veteran nurse was particularly harsh to the new nurses. One time, she overheard the new nurse confided to another new nurse how she could “see” things and had strange things happening to her.

The veteran nurse gave her such a hard talking-to in front of the others for spouting such nonsense that the new nurse ended up in tears. Forgetting about the incident, the veteran nurse walked into the nurses’ sleeping quarters a few nights later and there as clear as day, she saw the sleeping form of the new nurse AND a second form of the same person sitting up and glaring at her.

The veteran nurse backed away slowly and ran all the way to the nurses station. Later, the new nurse admitted that her family frequently received stories about how she was sighted in different places that she didn’t even frequent.

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