Best Retractable Tape Measure for Nurses


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In the world of healthcare, precision is paramount. Whether it’s for calculating the right dosage of medication or tracking the growth of a patient’s wound, every detail counts. Nurses, as the frontline caregivers, are often armed with an array of tools to ensure accuracy in their tasks, and among these tools is the humble tape measure. But not just any tape measure will do; your need the best retractable tape measure for nurses designed to keep up with the demands of the job.

Read on to find out our top picks and what makes them the best in the market today.

Tape Measure for Body Measuring

What makes a retractable tape measure a great one is its multi-function features, just like RayTour’s. This double sided tape with cm and inch displayed in large markings is small but durable. Whether it’s for sewing, handcraft or taking body measurements, this retractable tape measure is a useful addition to your hand tools.


  • Flexible and sturdy
  • Easily fits pockets


  • A bit thin

GDMINLO Soft Tape Measuring

A dual-sided retractable tape from GDMINLO, it’s made from durable materials for long-lasting use. A unique feature allows you to simply press a button in the middle of the box to easily retract the long ruler. It also goes back in by default. Plus, you can even opt to make it retract quickly by pressing the center button to avoid that loud, annoying retracting sound.


  • Easy-to-press button for retracting
  • Made from durable and wear-resistant materials


  • Really small

Perfect Body Tape Measure

If you’re looking for a tape measure with some fun elements in it, this one’s for you. This vinyl tape with two side units can measure up to 80 inches. It even has a pin lock if you want to use it as a circumference tape measure. If you need it to retract, you can easily do so by pushing a button. Even better, the company gives a money-back guarantee should you find it less satisfactory.


  • Durable vinyl materials
  • Has a pin lock
  • Money back guarantee


  • Expensive than others in this list
  • Since the measurements include the curved portion of the case, this one starts at 2 inches when measuring to account for the width of the case

Measuring Tape for Body

Another compact tape measure to consider is this black or white option from Jekoo Store. It’s easy to carry and use with large and clear markings for quick readings. There’s also a button to use for retracting the tape measure. 


  • Clear and easy to read
  • Made from soft, fiberglass materials


  • A bit small and flimsy

Medical Body Measuring Tape

Z’s tape measures stand out because of their leather material and the assortment of colors available. Unique in design, you can still count on it to serve its purpose. It’s a pocket-sized tape measure with a dual-sided ruler, clear markings for easier reading, and accurate measurements. The soft fiberglass materials also ensure that you won’t get cuts when using it.


  • Chic design and colors
  • Elegant leather case
  • Soft fiberglass materials


  • A little expensive than others in this list

Brand Z Tape Measure for Body Measuring

This extended fiberglass tape from the Z store (just like the item above) also makes for a fashionable measuring tape. With durable leather as its main body, users will find it safer courtesy of the smooth edges. There’s also a push button in the center for retracting.


  • Assortment of colors to choose from
  • Leather-covered


  • A bit expensive than other options

EMI Retractable Medical Body Tape Measure

Easy on the eyes and durable, EMI’s retractable tape measure is simple to use with a button to push to enable its retraction function. Portable and light, you can bring it as much as you need. Since it comes from a trusted brand, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a good quality product. 


  • From a trusted medical instruments brand
  • Nice blue color


  • Loud clicking noise

Cute Blue Chick Shape Retractable

Muellery Store’s tape measures spice things up by being fun-looking, offering a blue or a red chick-designed item. It has all the features you’d expect a decent tape measure to have – up to 60 inches long, a push button for retracting the tape quickly, and compact enough to bring anywhere with you.


  • Cute designs and easy to use
  • Push button; measures up to 150 cm or 60 inches


  • A little flimsy

Edtape 2PCS Measuring Tape for Body

Edtape’s tape measure is unique because it also serves as a really adorable keychain in addition to being a measuring tape. With its keychain design, you can hook it anywhere convenient. It can measure up to 72 inches while being lightweight with large and clear markings to boot. With advanced fiberglass as its primary material, it can avoid cuts and. It won’t even stretch or deform.


  • Tape measure and keychain all in one
  • Fiberglass case


  • Keychain strap a bit long

In Conclusion

Selecting the right retractable tape measure is crucial for nurses, ensuring accuracy and convenience in their daily tasks. With the right tool in hand, healthcare professionals can continue to deliver top-notch care with confidence.