6 Fun Ways Nurses Can Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


Whether Irish or not, many people nowadays celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, it’s celebrated in more countries than any other festival.

If you are a nurse in a hospital, in a school clinic, or a nursing home, you might consider celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with your wards and patients so that they have something fun to look forward to. You can make big preparations or small preparations depending on your employers’ openness to such activities.

Here are some fun ways you can make a fun day out of St. Patrick’s Day.

Wear something green

st patricks day id badge
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In a St. Patrick’s Day parade, the most visual sign of the celebration is throngs and masses of people wearing all sorts of green garb. On St. Patrick’s Day, your fellow nurses and your patients can put on something green for the day. It may be something as inconspicuous as a small green ribbon or hair tie, or something as flashy as a St. Patrick’s Day pin, leprechaun hats, or shamrock glasses.

Something as simple as wearing something of the same color as other people on a certain day is already enough to lift spirits and give a festive feel to one’s surroundings.

Decorate with green

diy st patricks day decors

You can DIY some green streamers and put them in the break room or the main lobby area. You can even re-use these streamers for Christmas if you store them carefully.

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Play some music

On St. Patrick’s Day, you should be able to find a radio station that plays traditional Irish folk music. If you play it in a common room, it should give the right atmosphere to the day.

For something more modern and depending on your patients’ or fellow nurses’ tastes, you can play some U2, Cranberries, or Dropkick Murphies.

Oh, great excuse to share one of our fave Cranberries songs!

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Mix up some drinks

We’re sure your thoughts strayed to a cool Guinness. You can have that after shift. During work, you can prepare some easy green lime punch or even some delicious mint-vanilla icecream shakes. Yum!

Here is a super easy recipe you can whip up in no time. Just click on the link or the photo below to get to Cincy’s recipe.

Serve tasty treats

st patricks day clover cookies

If you’ve got time to bake or cook, great. If not, just organize a potluck snack time or call the local bakery for some tasty treats. And if you can make them shamrock green, then all the better!

Here, feast your eyes on all the delicious St. Patrick’s treats that Pinterest has. You know, just to torture you. 😉

Play some games

Prepare easy games like a Scavenger’s Hunt for a pot of gold (props, of course). Or you can play a game of Pictionary or Charades and give out chocolate gold coins as a prize. Determine the difficulty level of your contests and games depending on your players.

Show a movie

Everyone loves a good movie! If you know a good Irish movie, consider a film-viewing.

Need ideas? For kids, you can check out Luck of the Irish, the Gnome Mobile, The Secret of Kells, or Darby O’Gill and the Little People. They’re Disney movies! For the oldies, you can check out the musical Finian’s Rainbow which stars Fred Astaire.


Have a great day, everyone! We hope you have fun celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. 🙂