7 Coolest Nursing Apps You Should Download Now

iphone apps for nurses

iPhone apps for nurses are tools that can help you work faster but more efficient. They serve as quick guides whenever you need to check back on some basic Nursing procedures and fundamental facts.

These tools are recommended to every nurse and some are just cool enough they’re considered must-haves. As a sequel to our list of the Top 9 best Nursing apps, here are another 7 cool iPhone apps for nurses you ought to download today:


Voalte One

Voalte One + apps for nurses

You don’t need to run back and forth just to let other nurses know that you’re about to end your shift or there’s an important thing that needs to be attended to. Voalte, which stands for Voice, Alarm and Text, can be hooked up to your hospital’s Voice Over IP communication system. This enables everyone in the directory to be informed through call or text. It also features a unique alarm management tool.


Skyscape Medical Resources

Skyscape Medical Resources + iPhone apps for nurses

Skyscape stores 600 resources in 35 specialties that can assist each nurse in a variety of inquiries. It helps nurses acquire important information when they are in the middle of a decision making. It can cross-reference notes and functions as a drug guide as well as a medical calculator.



NurseTabs + healthcare apps for nurses

Developed for novice nurses and nursing students, NurseTabs allows the user to access numerous procedures and skills catalogued in various topics. After selecting a specific skill, NurseTabs will show the equipment and the step-by-step process required to perform a certain procedure safely.


Kaplan NCLEX-RN Medications

Kaplan NCLEX-RN Medications + nurses app

Developed by Kaplan Publishing, this app contains 600 medical terms that you can quickly access.  It will also teach you how to effectively communicate each term in a way that patients can understand.


PALS Advisor

PALS Advisor + best apps for nurses

Ideal for pediatric nurses, this app contains helpful information about resuscitation, drug doses, and defibrillator energy doses. It suggests accurate Nursing action required on any given situation, as indicated in the American Heart Association guidelines.


Nursing Central

Nursing Central + apps for nursing students

Nursing Central is a database of diseases, drugs and medical tests. Useful for nurses who wish to have a quick reference for any health issue. It also has a study system, a dictionary and a literature search feature.



PatientTouch  + medical apps for nurses

This is a mobile orchestration app that allows you to connect to doctors, processes and data real time. By connecting to important medical sources, care team or facility, this app helps you perform your tasks in a cost-effective way and handle patient conditions in a safe and efficient manner.


Your Turn

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