5 No-Cook Healthy Breakfasts for Nurses

no cook healthy breakfast

It’s Nutrition Month so let’s set our goals for mindful eating!

Going to work on an empty stomach isn’t only bad for the health; it’s bad for your work, too. It can slow you down, make you grouchy and decrease your ability to focus. When you’re attending to several patients in your shift, these are the last things you want to happen.

In case you’re looking for no cook healthy breakfasts for nurses, these 5 ideas should be on the top of your list.

1. Acai Bowl

acai bowl
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An Acai bowl can look too complicated to prepare. In reality, however, it doesn’t really need too much work or even ingredients. Since it’s easy to prepare, you can consider it as one of the best breakfast for nurses on the go.

Acai berries are popular super foods. Aside from being jam-packed with nutrients, they also contain potent antioxidant properties which can protect you from free radical damage. It can help boost your immune system and improve your skin’s health, too.

The great thing about Acai bowls is that you’re not actually limited to one recipe. You can mix and match your ingredients so you can have a new flavor to try every day.

How To Prepare:

You can create a typical Acai breakfast bowl just by placing frozen Acai juice and berries in your blender. Take enough milk and blend everything together until you get a puree. This will serve as the base of your breakfast bowl.

Add additional fruits to the mix. You can try bananas, apples and even strawberries. You can also top it off with a handful of nuts for added texture and flavor.

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2. Nut Butter Sandwich

Nut Butter Sandwich
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When it comes to no-cook breakfast, peanut butter sandwich is probably one of the first things that’ll pop into your mind. It’s so easy to prepare that you can basically have it done under 5 minutes- or even less.

How To Prepare:

To give a new twist to your conventional sandwich, you can add fresh fruit in between your slices of bread.

Topping your sandwich with a few slices of bananas can give you the potassium you need to avoid leg cramps during your shift. Adding your favorite nuts can provide a good amount of protein to your diet, too.

3. Yogurt-Chia Pudding

Yogurt-Chia Pudding
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Chia seeds are gaining popularity these days for all the right reasons. Similar with Acai berries, these seeds are also considered as super foods.

They contain a high amount of antioxidants on top of their abundant nutritional content. Chia seeds can help you think clearer and be happier at work. They can also boost your skin’s health as well as your digestion and blood sugar.

Mixing chia seeds with yogurt makes a great combination. Aside from the nutrition you can get from them, these two can also help you shed a few pounds in case you’re aiming for weight loss.

How To Prepare:

To make yogurt-chia pudding, you simply need to mix the two ingredients. After combining your yogurt and chia seeds in a bowl, you can drizzle a small amount of agave or honey to enhance its taste. Plain whole milk yogurt works best in this recipe.

Cover the bowl and allow the mixture to chill in your freezer overnight As long as the mixture stays chilled, you can keep the pudding for two days.

For convenience, you can keep your pudding in separate containers. This way, you’ll only need to take one container as you go.

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4. Protein Bars

Protein Bars
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Protein bars are not only great breakfast for nurses; they’re great for quick snacking, too. You can keep them in your pocket and snack on them while you’re on the move. This way, you can save yourself from experiencing the effects of low blood sugar during your shift.

You can buy protein bars or you can make them in your own kitchen. In case you decide to buy these bars from your local grocery store, it’s a good idea to check their nutrition labels first.

Some protein bars can contain a lot of sugar and calories which aren’t really good for your health. Aside from their nutritional values, you should also consider what they’ll taste like. Since they can come in a variety of flavors, make sure to pick one that’s friendly for your taste buds.

In case you’re thinking of creating your own protein bars, make sure to pick the right protein source. Other than nuts and peanut butter, you can use protein powder, too.

How To Prepare:

Mix peanut butter or your nut butter of choice with rice crisp cereal. You’ll also need a good amount of oat flour or protein powder for the recipe. Fold the ingredients until they’re evenly mixed.

Once the mixture has set, cut it into equal parts and drizzle with honey or your favorite chocolate syrup. You can add nuts, chocolate chips and berries as well.

5. Coffee Smoothie

Coffee Smoothie
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It’s hard to imagine starting your shift without a dose of caffeine. While it’s tempting to just buy a hot cup of coffee on your way to work, crafting your own coffee smoothie can offer you a lot more benefits than waking your senses up.

A coffee smoothie doesn’t necessarily mean limiting your recipe with plain coffee. In fact, there’s a wide range of ingredients you can use for it. You can add a few superfoods that can keep you charged and energized throughout your work.

How To Prepare:

Take a ripe banana, cut it into smaller chunks and place the pieces in your blender. Add a cup of milk and a tablespoon of flaxseed and cocoa. Next, pour a cup of your favorite coffee and blend everything together until you get a nice homogeneous texture.

You can add a tablespoon of honey for a hint of sweetness. For long-lasting energy, you can include a tablespoon of peanut butter in your smoothie.

Now weren’t these recipes tasty?

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What no-cook breakfast ideas have you tried? How do you make healthy breakfast for nurses?