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Where To Find Nurse Anesthetist Jobs?

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Being an advanced nurse specialist offers two benefits: an opportunity to grow and a positive job outlook.

This especially true for certified nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) whose employment opportunities are expected to grow by 26% for the next ten years (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook).

But with opportunities for new registered nurses getting slimmer nowadays, is it still safe to assume that CRNAs have not lost their sparkle?

This article will do the explaining.

What is the job outlook for nurse anesthetists?

Over the years, the demand for nurse anesthetists has increased dramatically. Some of the factors that have led to this sudden rise include technological advancements and longer life span of the baby boomers. Both of these phenomena have led to an increased need for preventive surgeries and, therefore, anesthesiologists who perform such procedures.

However, hospitals and other settings are inundated by skyrocketing health care costs . This forces them to perform cost-cutting measures such as hiring nurse anesthetists. Compared to anesthesiologists, CRNAs are more cost-effective yet perform almost similar tasks. In fact, majority of hospitals are now hiring more nurse anesthetists to promote patient safety and increased accessibility of health care services.

Although they cost less than anesthesiologists, CRNAs are still highly-paid. In fact, a nurse anesthetist can receive an average salary of $160,000. The amount may vary based on the employment setting but the job security is definitely strong.

The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) estimates that a total of 27 million anesthetics are administered by CRNAs in the US every year.

Where can I find nurse anesthetist jobs?

Because the demand for certified nurse anesthetists exceed the supply, most graduates finish the program and go straight to employment.

CRNAs can choose to hone their skills either in hospital or outpatient settings. Some, especially those who are already experienced, also explore the advantages of independent practice.

As expected, employment in hospitals is more competitive compared to other areas. For this reason, some CRNAs find greater opportunities in other facilities providing same-day surgeries and chemotherapy.

Other areas where you can find a steady nurse anesthetist job include outpatient surgery centers, oral surgery, and endoscopy.

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