The Anatomy of a Nursing Student [Infographic]

anatomy of a nursing student

So you want to be a Nursing student? Congratulations!

Now, fasten your seat belt because this is going to be a bumpy ride. Ask any veteran nurse and you’ll figure out why.

For starters, Nursing is no easy feat. Once you survive the first few months or years in a Nursing school, you’ll realize few important life lessons. Attitude matters more than book knowledge. Heck, you won’t even learn how to deal with cranky patients just by listening to boring lectures. You will also realize that nurses aren’t the same as what you see on TV and movies. Soon, you start to ditch misconceptions and embrace Nursing as it is.

Nursing is challenging, that’s for sure. But it also comes with a few perks. High income, job stability, fulfillment, and, of course, comfortable uniforms are just some benefits that top the list. It requires lifelong commitment, though, so if you’re in this just to earn big bucks, prepare yourself to be miserable.

So do you still want to be a nurse? Good. Here’s an excellent survival guide you ought to remember:

The Anatomy of a Nursing Student
Source: The Anatomy of a Nursing Student