5 Nursing Careers You Didn’t Know Existed

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If you think you know nursing, think again. The doctor’s office is not the only place you can see a nurse at work. The sky, forensic labs, and even national parks are only some of the places that nurses can practice.

Want to know more? Here are five nursing careers you may have never thought of before.

Flight/Travel Nurse

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When a patient in need cannot be accessed by any land routes, it’s up to air ambulances and the flight nurses that travel in them to save the day. Be warned though, this career is not for the faint of heart.

Patients are usually in critical condition and will need the speed only an aircraft can provide to save their lives. Flight nurses need to be well versed in trauma care to be effective in this position. Another related field is travel nursing. This career is for those who are more adventurous at heart.

Travel nursing is the perfect blend of traveling and the taking care of others. Nurses are assigned to fill staffing gaps all around the world. All these nurses have to do is choose where they want to have their next adventure.

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Forensic Nurse


Imagine having your favorite medical drama and crime scene investigation show all wrapped up in one. That’s what you get with forensic nursing. Medicine and the law are highly important to each forensic nurse specialization.

Nurses in this field have the option of practicing in sexual assault cases, medical legal consulting, death investigation, or forensic psychiatric nursing. Treatment of the victim and the handling of evidence are crucial skills required of nurses in the forensic world.

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Health Policy Nurse

health policy nurse
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Nurses are making a difference when it comes to health policy. There’s no better person to lobby for change in the medical field than a medical professional.

Nurses see what is right and wrong with our healthcare system day in and day out, giving them the experience and expertise to change it for the better for as many people as possible. Many health policy nurses end up working as heads for government agencies dealing with healthcare as well.

Legal Analysis Nurse

legal analysis nurse
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Legal analysis nursing is similar to forensic nursing in that they both deal with the law and the application of it. A nurse in this field will delve into many legal arenas to be a bridge between the health and judicial systems.

Healthcare and medical claims are some of the cases a nurse in this field can expect to be involved in. In short, legal analysis nurses are the medical experts legal teams go to when they have cases dealing with medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, and more.

National Park Nurse

national park nurse
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The only thing better than visiting a national park is working at a national park. National parks have medical staffs as well in need of working nurses. When visitors encounter a medical crisis at any time, park officials want to make sure medical professionals are at hand to help.

With dangers such as steep falls and animal attacks, every second can matter when a patient gets treatment. Summer is the busiest time of year for these nurses, since many people plan vacations to these parks around the warmer months.

Nurses can be seen pretty much everywhere in this day and age, and good thing too. People are (unintentionally) inventing more and more creative ways to need medical attention. We need equally creative nurse careers to help them out.

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