Top 100 Nursing Blogs That Matter

nursing blogs

Nurses often need inspiration to refuel their dedication to their career.

Reading blogs is a great way to be inspired, and it also introduces you to some of the untold stories of being a nurse. News and journals about the nursing practice are also helpful, especially if you want to stay updated about the latest trends in the nursing practice.

To help you get started with your reading spree, here is a list that features the top 100 nursing blogs that truly matter based on their content, number of followers/readers, and entertainment value:


1. Theresa Brown, The NY Times Well Blog

Theresa Brown, The NY Times Well Blog

Why It Matters: Theresa Brown writes amazing stories about being a nurse in an oncology floor. She shares her experiences in caring for cancer patients along with the common issues nurses encounter everyday like medical errors, life-saving decisions, patient confidentiality and many more.

Great Read: “One Nurse, One Patient” is an interesting story about how Theresa Brown came up with an important decision that could mean life or death for one of her critical patients. The way she narrates her experience is intense and full of important details.



2. Nurse Alice Benjamin

Nurse Alice Benjamin

Why It Matters: Alice Benjamin is a certified Clinical Nurse Specialist with more than 15 years of experience in cardiovascular health. Her blog is full of health tips for everyone trying to maintain a healthy living. Her blog has a nice layout that is very easy to navigate to find great reads.

Must-watch: “American Heart Association – Life’s Simple 7” is an informative video made by Alice Benjamin where she teamed up with the American Heart Association. In this video, she shares 7 vital tips that will help everyone in taking care of their cardiovascular health.



3. According to Kateri

According to Kateri blog

Why It Matters: Kateri’s blog is filled with creative narratives about the different issues faced by a PICU nurse based in New York City. Inspirational bible verses, poems and quotes are also included in her posts.

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Great Read: “Miracles” is a touching story Kateri shared during a point when she already stopped believing in miracles. Everything has changed when the mother of one of her cancer patients touched her deeply. This is a must-read for all nurses burdened with cynicism and hopelessness.



4. The NP Mom

The NP Mon

Why It Matters: The NP Mom blog promises “Answers to questions, you always forgot to ask!” It’s a health and wellness blog that tackles different health issues nowadays. The blog is maintained by Brett Badgley Snodgrass, a Family Nurse Practitioner. Her posts are also printable, so other nurses can use the articles to educating their patients about different health concerns.

Great Read: “A Day in the Life of a Nurse Practitioner” 



5. Off The Charts

off the charts nursing blog

Why It Matters: Off The Charts is a blog produced by no less than American Journal of Nursing.  It features great articles and journals about the latest trends in nursing.

Great Read: “Marijuana Legalization and Potential Workplace Pitfalls for Nurses Who Partake” talks about a timely issue popular nowadays – the legalization of marijuana in the US. How nurses may be affected with this issue is explained in this post.



6. What Should We Call Nursing

what should we call nursing

Why It Matters: This blog is a refreshing break from all the chaos of a busy 12-hour shift. It features funny GIFs about common problems encountered in a normal shift. The posts are all eye candies and full of humor!

Great Read: “On Tuesday, When My Weekend Is In The Middle of the Week” 



7. Digital Doorway by Nurse Keith

nurse keith + digital doorway

Why It Matters: The Digital Doorway offers reflections about nursing in general.  The writer of the blog, known as “Nurse Keith”, is dedicated in coaching nurses and other healthcare professionals. He writes about the different issues nurses face everyday. He also lists great news, book reviews and events related to nursing.

Great Read: A Speech for Graduate Nurses” is an actual transcript of speech Nurse Keith made for graduate nurses. The message is heart-warming and perfect for new nurses who are about to enter the professional world.



8. Diary of a School Nurse

Diary of a School Nurse blog

Why It Matters: This blog offers us a glimpse to the life of a school nurse. A small percentage of registered nurses enter this specialty and the blogger presents an interesting way of viewing this career as a priceless one. She shares her dedication in protecting the wellness of schoolchildren along with valuable stories and experiences from her own practice.

Great Read: “A School Nurse…What do you do?” will give you a better understanding about what it’s like to be a school nurse.



9. Codeblog


Why It Matters: This blog has been online for more than a decade. It features real-life stories from nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers who wanted to share interesting stories from their own practice. The blog is maintained by Gina, a nurse working in hospice care.

Great Read: “The Box” is a short story wherein Nurse Gina narrates her first encounter with a “green burial” which she didn’t expect to be so clever and sweet.



10. Nursetopia


Why It Matters: Nursetopia features journals and timely topics about nursing. There are nice infographics included in some of the posts that will help you understand the topics being discussed.

Great Read: “What ‘Community’ Looks Like in Health Care”



11. RT Connections


Why It Matters: A blog written by Dr. Renee Thompson, it is focused on workplace bullying, nursing culture and professional competence. Renee is a nurse, nurse educator and nurse executive. She speaks on seminars that aim to tackle nurse-to-nurse bullying, clinical competence, effective communication and strategies to build a healthy workplace.

Great Read: In “This Game Will Change Your Life! I see something..,” Renee shares how she once helped her daughter go through a rough day. The game she taught is a nice way of welcoming positivity despite a not-so-nice day at work.



12. Dr. Grumpy in the House

Doctor Grumpy in the House

Why It Matters: This is a funny blog made by a doctor named Dr. Grumpy along with his wife, Mrs. Grumpy, who is a nurse. He shares his experiences in the medical field and everything is told in a funny and entertaining way.

Great Read: Skool Nerse Time – Mrs. Grumpy’s page” lists the funny adventures of Dr. Grumpy’s wife, Mrs. Grumpy. As a school nurse, she shares plenty of funny stories about schoolchildren and their parents.



13. Mojo RN

Mojo RN blog

Why It Matters: Mojo RN reflects the everyday life of an ordinary nurse. Her opinions about different workplace issues are straightforward. She also talks about workplace bullying which is a usual topic among new nurses.

Great Read: In “On Nurses Who Eat Their Young,” sensitive issues about workplace bullying are tackled. Mojo RN compares it to school bullying and shares her personal views about it.



14. madness: tales of an emergency room nurse

madness - tales of an emergency room nurse

Why It Matters: A blog created by an ER nurse, it explores the truth about entering the nursing profession. The blogger didn’t mention it as a calling but rather as a job to do. She is honest and straightforward in giving her own opinions. She also shares her views about the healthcare system in general.

Great Read: “Bursting your bubble about nursing” is an open letter for those who consider the nursing profession as a calling.



15. EDNurseasauras, Still in the Trenches

EDNurseasauras, Still in the Trenches

Why It Matters: TyRANTasauras Regina describes herself as an “old nurse” – she completed her BSN 34 years after finishing her diploma program. She works as an ER nurse and she shares her experiences working in the department. Her stories are funny and reflect the usual way of life in the ER.

Great Read: “A Comment on Drug Seeking Behavior.” 



16. At Your Cervix

At Your Cervix

Why It Matters: This is a unique blog made by a Certified Nurse-Midwife. She shares valuable information and experiences about being a CNM. She also shares her passion about birth arts.

Great Read: “What I wished I learned about in school” is a useful list for new CNMs. In this article, she discusses some of the essential things to learn before working as a full-time CNM.



17. adrienne, {student} nurse

adrienne, {student} nurse

Why It Matters: Adrienne is a nursing student who loves blogging her way to becoming a registered nurse.  She shares her hospital experiences which are insightful and entertaining at the same time.

Great Read: “Charting Lingo” 



18. R(etired)N


Why It Matters: This blog contains stories of a nurse battling with her own illness. She is a nurse even outside the workplace because she takes care of her family and friends. It’s amazing to read about her nursing journey even while she is also taking care of herself.

Great Read: “It’s Gonna be a Long. Hot. Summer” 



19. Becoming a Nurse

Becoming a Nurse

Why It Matters: A blog made by a nursing student, it explores the process of becoming a registered nurse. The author shares valuable study tips for examinations as well as techniques to survive clinical shifts.

Great Read: In “My Most Effective Study Tool,” the blogger shares how she studies for an examination. She also gives tips in answering multiple-choice type of questions.



20. Nurse Gail

Nurse Gail

Why It Matters: Gail Ingram writes informative articles about health, wellness and nursing in general. She aims to educate not only her fellow nurses but also everyone concerned about their health. She is currently working with other nursing bloggers to prevent workplace bullying.

Great Read: “Negligent Nurses on Social Media”



21. Self-Employed Nurse

Self-Employed Nurse

Why It Matters: This blog aims to provide information and ideas about working as a self-employed nurse. It’s a unique career path that is worth considering especially if you are part of the aging workforce.

Great Read: “Nurse Entrepreneurship: A Option For The Aging Nurse” is an amazing guide to pursuing an independent career in nursing.



22. International Nurse Support

International Nurse Support

Why It Matters: This is a magazine-style blog where you can learn the hottest topics in international nursing. It also features great posts about caring for your wellness as a nurse including the importance of taking a vacation, time management and diet.

Great Read: “5 Tips On Managing Your Time in a Constantly Changing Work Environment” 



23. Pixel RN

Pixel RN

Why It Matters: Active since 2005, this blog tackles the common issues of nurses nowadays. Whether you love or hate nursing, you will love the author’s honest opinion about the profession, and the roller-coaster ride it entails.

Great Read: “So You Want to Quit Nursing”



24. Travel Nursing Blogs

Travel Nursing Blogs

Why It Matters: This is a unique blog dedicated to travel nursing. You can learn everything you need to know about travel nursing from this blog. It features great tips, question and answer portions, travel nurse company reviews and many more.

Great Read: “Travel Nurses and Patient Care”



25. Those Emergency Blues

Those Emergency Blues

Why It Matters: This blogger’s take on the latest issues about nursing in Canada is downright witty. She makes great points especially about the recent ban Quebec imposed on wearing religious items at work.

Great Read: “How Hospitals Punish Nurses for Being Sick” is a sensitive topic about how nurses are treated at work when they’re sick. It’s an eye-opening article especially for those working in the clinical field.



26. Drawing on Experience

Drawing on Experience

Why It Matters: This is a visually engaging blog created by a Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit Nurse from Philadelphia, PA. Launched in August 2009, this web-comic blog depicts  his daily life in the hospital.

Great Read: “Being a nurse sucks……like a vampire” 



27. The Nurse Path

The Nurse Path

Why It Matters: Whether it’s a nursing skill, health topic, technology or humor, this blog offers solutions for the common problems nurses encounter in everyday life.

Great Read: In “How to manage a patient with a fear of needles,” you will learn some tips on how to successfully extract blood or insert an IV line on a patient with needle phobia.



28. The Nursing Ethics Blog

The Nursing Ethics Blog

Why It Matters: As its name suggests, this blog is dedicated to nursing ethics. Everything you need to know about practicing within the scope of nursing ethics is tackled in this blog.

Great Read: “Ethics of Triage”



29. Call Lights Magazine

Call Lights Magazine

Why It Matters: This is a magazine-style blog enriched with artwork related to nursing. Everything is colorful and interesting to read. The blog was started by Julianna Paradisi, an award-winning artist, writer, oncology nurse and cancer survivor.

Great Read: “What To Do If You Accidentally Forget Your Nursing Shift”



30. Correctional Nurse

Correctional Nurse

Why It Matters: This unique blog presents stories about pursuing a nursing career in a correctional facility. It’s a mind-opening take on a relatively new subspecialty in nursing.

Great Read: In “Personal Safety during Medication Administration,” tips in giving medications to a hostile patient are provided. Ensuring personal safety during medication administration in a correctional facility is as important as ensuring patient’s safety.



31. Creative RN

Creative RN

Why It Matters: This blog–also known as “storytelling for nurses”–features great literary works related to nursing.

Great Read: In “The Diagnostic,” the blogger creatively describes her experience of being inside an MRI machine.



32. Crzegrl


Why It Matters: Emily Bennett, a flight nurse, blogs about her adventures in her everyday work and offers readers a glimpse of what it’s like to be a flight nurse nowadays.

Also Read: Flight Nursing for Dummies – An Ultimate Guide

Great Read: In “Flight Nurse: A Life of Training and Trauma,” Emily shares the literature that got her interested to Flight Nursing.



33. Hospice Diary 

Hospice Diary

Why It Matters: Learn the truth about hospice nursing from this blog. Delicate topics like the use of narcotics in hospice care are also tackled in some of the posts.

Great Read: “A Fairy Tale?”



34. Nursing in Hawaii   

Nursing in Hawaii

Why It Matters: News, trending issues and journal about nursing in Hawaii are common topics in this blog. The blogger also releases useful e-books related to nursing like “The Hospital at the End of The World”.

Great Read: “Myths about becoming a nurse practitioner – things to consider about grad school in nursing”



35. The Nurse Teacher

The Nurse Teacher

Why It Matters: This is a blog created by a nurse who is also involved in clinical teaching. She shares her personal experiences in her work as well as when she was starting out as a nurse. The blog explores the norms that nurses are expected to follow when working in a hospital and the things you should expect during a normal day at the ward.

Great Read:  In “Patient’s Perspective,” the blogger shares one of her remarkable experiences in guiding nursing students during their clinicals.



36. The National Nurse for Public Health

The National Nurse for Public Health

Why It Matters: The latest news, journals and trends in the world of nursing across the United States are posted in this blog. Usual topics include legislation related to the welfare of nurses in different states. You can also learn more about public health nursing through this blog.

Great Read: “Prevention Is the Key to Wellness”



37. Infusion Nurse Blog

Infusion Nurse Blog

Why It Matters:  This blog is dedicated to IV therapy, vascular access and infusion nursing. You can learn valuable tips from the discussions posted in the blog.

Also Read: 35 IV Therapy Tips & Tricks for Nurses

Great Read: “Vesicants and Extravasation” is a very informative article about the do’s and don’ts in infusing vesicants to patients.



38. JParadisi RN’s Blog

JParadisi RN's Blog

Why It Matters: This is another blog made by Julianna, the nurse behind the popular blog “The Adventures of Nurse Nikki”. It revolves around nursing, art, humanity and science. She makes great artworks that she regularly posts on this blog and correlates to her opinions about nursing.

Great Read: “Nurses Make Birthdays, One Year at a Time” 





Why It Matters:  This is a blog made by a nurse-turned-instructor. After working in the nursing field for nearly forty years, she decided to take writing seriously in 2000. Her plenty of experience as a nurse is a great influence to her notable blog posts.

Great Read: “Graduation Water”



40. Meta4RN


Why It Matters: This blog is part of an online portfolio made by Paul McNamara, a dedicated nurse and educator. He posts a variety of topics about nursing education which nurses will find valuable.

Great Read: “Lalochezia” is an FYI post that is somehow funny and true. Paul describes lalochezia as the use of vulgar or foul language to relieve stress. He discusses lalochezia in correlation to nursing – is it appropriate at work or not?



41. Nursing Notes of Discord

Nursing Notes of Discord

Why It Matters: From brief lessons about psychiatric nursing to real-life stories of peculiarity, this blog written by a psychiatric nurse is as entertaining as it is  informative.

Great Read: “Valley of the Shadow of Death” is a funny story about an orderly’s pains in putting her mother to a nursing home. The blogger tells the story interestingly with a funny twist in the end.



42. Kmareka


Why It Matters: Kmareka, a blog owned by a nurse and a social worker, is all about nursing trends, community work and general health.

Great Read: “Confessions of a Motel Maid” 



43. Not Nurse Ratched

Not Nurse Ratched Why It Matters:  It looks like a normal blog but it contains interesting posts about nursing life. The blogger writes about common nursing issues in workplace as well as tips on how to deal with them.

Great Read: “Toeing the Line: Nurse Vs. Physician” is an intriguing article about the boundaries between nurses and doctors.



44. Nurseables


Why It Matters: Nurseables is a blog filled with stories made for nurses and nursing students. Common topics include medical and nursing facts told in a funny way. Nurses can definitely relate to the stories as everything is based on real-life events.

Great Read: “Entering The TwiNurse Zone – What Happens When The Nurse Turns Patient” is an interesting article that talks about what may happen once the nurse becomes the patient. Is healthcare management more difficult when your patient is also nurse? The article mentions great points that answer this question.



45. Marianna Crane ~ NURSING STORIES: Sharing the Experience of Being a Nurse

Marianna Crane ~ NURSING STORIES - Sharing the Experience of Being a Nurse Why It Matters: Written by Marianna Crane, this blog is composed of real-life stories about working as a nurse. Marianna personally narrates her notable experiences and opinions about the status of healthcare system in the US. She clearly makes her point in each nursing issue she tackles.

Great Read: “Nurse’s Don’t Want to Be Doctors” is Marianna’s intriguing take on a New York Times-published essay entitled “Nurses Are Not Doctors”.



46. This Nurse Wonders

This Nurse Wonders Why It Matters: Amanda Anderson is a registered nurse that also blogs about nursing life. Notable for her style of blogging, she explores existing misconceptions and stereotypes among nurses.

Great Read: “I’m a Nurse, Not a Caregiver: Defining the Difference” 



47. Student Nurse Lisa

Student Nurse Lisa

Why It Matters: Lisa, a nursing student from Australia, vowed to blog about her ideas and experiences while finishing her nursing degree in a university. Most nursing students can relate to her posts as Lisa discusses common issues they encounter every day.

Great Read: “University – Remind Yourself It’s An Investment”



48. Lost On The Floor

Lost On The Floor

Why It Matters: This blog hosts the tales of Wanderer and his adventures as a charge nurse in a busy telemetry unit. He shares that moving cross-country is part of his choice to pursue his profession.

Great Read: In “A Year Later,” Wanderer shares his experience in taking a voluntary lay-off as a bedside nurse and how it became one of the best decisions he ever made.



49. Student Nurse Odyssey

Student Nurse Odyssey

Why It Matters: Another great blog made for nursing students, this website was created by someone who distinctively describes herself as a “student children’s nurse”. If you are a nurse working in the healthcare field for so many years, her posts can be a refreshing break from the busy nursing life.

Great Read: “Emotional resilience and the realities of nursing children and families.”



50. Optimurse Prime

Optimurse Prime

Why It Matters: This is a frank and cynical blog made by a nurse who views the healthcare system in a unique way. The posts are funny yet eye-opening. Optimurse Prime talks about the untold issues of being a nurse like gender preference in the profession as well as the call to extend shifts.

Great Read:  In “How Do We Do It?,” you can get a glimpse of how nurses stay awake and alert during extended shifts. Optimurse Prime presents different coping mechanisms that most of his colleagues use in order to survive a very tiring shift.



51. Nursing and Respiratory Care

Nursing and Respiratory Care Why It Matters: As the name implies, this blog is focused on nursing and respiratory care. The blog also has plenty of FYI posts and this could be helpful for nursing students. Respiratory therapists can also benefit from this blog as discussions posted about respiratory care are informative.

Great Read: “RN Specialization: Top 4 In-Demand Specialties” 



52. Stefan The Nurse

Stefan The Nurse


Why It Matters: Stefan provides tips so nurses who are also working in critical care areas could learn from the common mistakes of nurses he already observed. With 16 years of experience in critical care and anesthetic nursing, Stefan definitely knows what he’s talking about.

Great Read: “The Magic Numbers: The Soldier’s 5 Of Arterial Blood Results” contains helpful tips and mnemonics which you can master to interpret arterial blood results like a pro.



53. Rhonda Wilson MHN  

Rhonda Wilson MHN

Why It Matters: Rhonda Wilson is a rural mental health nurse. In her blog, she answers questions commonly asked about rural mental health nursing. She also talks about her projects as well as adventures working not only as a rural mental health nurse but also as a clinician, researcher and teacher in her community.

Great Read: “Nurse on the flipside: a patient-eye-view” is an eye-opening article about a nurse who becomes the patient. When you’re a nurse and you suddenly become the patient, you will quickly see the loopholes in nursing care provided to you.



54. RehabRN  


Why It Matters: Created by a registered nurse working in the field of rehab nursing, this blog contains posts about the latest news and issues in the nursing world nowadays. The blogger became an educator recently and her adventures in entering the teaching profession are really enlightening.

Great Read: “Looking for a nursing job?” contains tips about getting your first job as a nurse.



55. Our Front Door

Our Front Door

Why It Matters: A blog full of emotions, Our Front Door will help you see what it’s really like to work as an ER nurse. Melina has a wonderful way of telling her experiences, views and opinions. There’s always something to learn in each of her post.

Also Read: 10 Funny Signs You Are An ER Nurse

Great Read: “What Led Me Here” is an amazing story about the tragic incident that led Melina to pursue emergency nursing.



56. Nurse Anesthetist 

Nurse Anesthetist  blogWhy It Matters: Topics related to nurse anesthesia are covered in this blog.  If you are planning to be a nurse anesthetist, reading through the posts of this blog will help you understand the field more.

Also Read: How to Become a Nurse Anesthetist – A Complete Guide

Great Read: “Money Issues” is a nice post about how to achieve financial freedom while pursuing this career.



57. ONS Connect Blog

ONS Connect Blog

Why It Matters: ONS Connect is the official news magazine of the Oncology Nursing Society. Topics include nursing culture, health and wellness, professional conflicts and oncology nursing. There are more than ten bloggers maintaining the ONS Connect blog and they post varied informative topics not only for nurses but for the general public as well.

Great Read: “How Do You Separate Your Personal Life From Your Profession When a Loved One Has Cancer?” describes the pain of having a loved one who is suffering from cancer. How ironic it is to have a loved one suffer from cancer when your work is to take care of cancer patients? When do you stop being a nurse at times like this?



58. One Strong Voice – American Nurses Association policy blog

One Strong Voice – American Nurses Association policy blog

Why It Matters: One Strong Voice is the official blog of American Nurses Association. It features the latest trends in the nursing profession along with helpful facts from experts.

Great Read: “Nurses do not pretend to be physicians” 



59. Spots On Nursing  

Spots On Nursing

Why It Matters: With more than thirty years of experience in the nursing field, the blogger shares her opinions about the latest news in nursing. The posts are as entertaining as they are informative.

Great Read: “When It’s Not Physical Illness…” 



60. The Dean’s Blog  

The Dean’s Blog

Why It Matters: The dean of the school of nursing in University of California San Francisco (UCSF) created this blog so nursing students can be updated with the latest news and trends in nursing. The posts are rich with information especially about the latest reports on different health issues in the community nowadays.

Great Read: “How Nursing Can Meet the Needs of an Aging Population” discusses specific ways to address the health needs of the aging population through nursing. The dean presents their actions to solve this problem as well as the early fruits of their interventions.



61. Nursing @ Simmons 

Nursing @ SimmonsWhy It Matters: This is the official blog of Simmons School of Nursing and Health Sciences. The posts are all aimed towards educating those who want to pursue nursing. Frequently asked questions about entering the school of nursing are also tackled in the posts.

Great Read: “8 Time Management Tips for Nurses” is a list of tips for nurses who want to know more about proper time management. The list is really helpful especially if you want to pursue post-graduate studies while working as a nurse.



62. The Nurse Practitioner’s Place 

The Nurse Practitioner's Place

Why It Matters: Created by an FNP, this blog focuses on the different issues faced by nurse practitioners. If you are considering becoming a nurse practitioner, this blog offers articles that will help you understand this specialty more.

Great Read: In “How to Deal with a Hostile Work Environment,” the blogger shares the importance of teamwork to create a harmonious relationship between healthcare providers at work.



63. Nurse Practitioner – Business Blog For Advanced Practice Clinicians   

Nurse Practitioner – Business Blog For Advanced Practice CliniciansWhy It Matters: This is a beautifully designed blog for nurse practitioners. It was created so nurse practitioners in private or independent practice can connect, share resources and support each other throughout their careers.

Great Read: “11 Tips for Attending Conferences” is composed of several tips that you can use in maximizing the benefit of attending conferences.



64. Nurse Barb’s Daily Dose

Nurse Barb’s Daily Dose

Why It Matters: Nurse Barb works as a nurse practitioner. She loves providing her friends, families and colleagues with health advice. This is the reason why she started this blog – so she could share her passion in helping other people understand the importance of good health.

Great Read: “7 Things to do before placing a loved one in ‘The Home'” is a helpful post if you are considering placing your loved one in a senior care home. The things you need to do before doing such move are presented and elaborated so everyone, not only healthcare professionals, could understand it.



65. A Journey through Nursing School & Beyond…

A Journey through Nursing School & Beyond...Why It Matters: This blog lets you see the life of a nursing student who is also taking care of her children. The adventures of this blogger in pursuing this career is entertaining to read. She is currently pursuing MSN studies.

Great Read: “The Mystery of the Test Grades” 



66. The Days When I’m Not A Nurse

The Days When I’m Not A Nurse

Why It Matters: This is a neat-looking blog made by a nurse who loves to blog about health and lifestyle. She also loves to do reviews of different things nurses will find helpful for like compression socks, nursing shoes, scrubs and many more. She often offers giveaways and coupons for her frequent readers.

Great Read: “Compression socks… not just for patients!”



67. Tales of A School Zoned Nurse

Tales of A School Zoned Nurse

Why It Matters: A school nurse blogs about what school nurses typically do: Attending to emergency attacks of allergies and dealing with juvenile diabetes among others. She works between three different schools and makes friends with the students.

Great Read: In “Not it (I wish),” the blogger shares her experience in attending to a student with hypoglycemia. This is a good example of what happens when emergency strikes and you are the only healthcare provider present in the scene.



68. Did I REALLY sign up for this??

Did I REALLY sign up for thisWhy It Matters: This blog is made by a nursing student who is now close to entering the nursing workforce. She shares her struggles in juggling her studies with her role as a mother to her teenage kids. The blog is filled with pictures from her everyday experiences as a nursing student.

Great Read: In “How Will I Know?,” the blogger shares her concerns about her career path after graduation, giving voice to other students facing a similar situation.



69. Confident Voices in Healthcare 

Confident Voices in Healthcare

Why It Matters: Confident Voices in Healthcare is a blog made not just for nurses but for other healthcare professionals as well. The blog lists interesting topics about the healthcare system nowadays. It is being maintained by Beth Boynton, a registered nurse with MS consulting degree.

Great Read: “What is Patient Experience, How do You Measure it, & is There Anything Wrong with this Picture?” is an interactive post about ensuring patient advocacy.



70. Mimi Secor 

Mimi Secor

Why It Matters: Mimi Secor is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner who specializes in Women’s Health for more than 36 years. She blogs about women’s health and regularly posts about obstetric and gynecological health problems along with ways on how they can be avoided.

Great Read: STIs in the Aging Population: “What? I thought only my teenager could get that!” is an informative article about sexually transmitted infections among elderly people. The post discusses the statistics of STI particularly HIV and HPV among women aged 65 and above.



71. Highway Hypodermics 

Highway Hypodermics

Why It Matters: Highway Hypodermics is a blog for travel nurses. Being a travel nurse is not an easy job as you will move a lot to meet the expectations of your work. The advantages and disadvantages of being a travel nurse are mentioned in the posts. You can find the blog helpful if you are considering to take this career someday.

Great Read: In “Vicki Augustiniak Releases Memoirs of Her Days as a Roaming RN,” a quick introduction about Vicki’s new book “Really, God—Bangladesh?: A Nurse’s Spiritual Journey” is provided.  Reading the experiences shared by travel nurses is entertaining and Vicki’s experience is a fascinating one.



72. Your Singing Nurse  

Your Singing Nurse

Why It Matters: This blog is owned by Jared Axen, a registered nurse who loves to blog about the different concerns of nurses nowadays. He provides health tips for nurses and patients as he advocates general wellness. He also blogs about hospice care nursing.

Great Read: “On The Move: What to Pack in a Hospital ‘Go-Bag’” is an informative list of the things you need to pack when preparing for a hospital admission. The list is also useful for nurses whenever they become the patient unexpectedly.



73. ER Nurses Blog

ER Nurses Blog

Why It Matters:  Made by an ER nurse, this blog presents commonly encountered cases in the ER department. When working at the ER, the blogger reminds that you should always expect the unexpected.

Great Read:Take a Guess: Which one do you think is telling the truth?” presents the sad reality of pain-killer abuse in the community. This scenario is common in ER departments nowadays.



74. Triumphs and Tribulations of a new Nurse Practitioner  

Triumphs and Tribulations of a new Nurse PractitionerWhy It Matters: This is a blog made by a registered nurse who, at age 50, decided to go back to a nursing school to become a nurse practitioner. She writes about her journey as a nurse practitioner and about her dedication in working with the community.

Great Read: “10 fun things to do with a stethoscope, or not” is a funny post about the things you can do with a stethoscope. Explanations were written in layman’s terms so even non-healthcare professionals can have fun in reading it.



75. Nursing Comments 

Nursing Comments

Why It Matters: Created by Stephanie Jewett, RN, MBA, this blog contains various topics related to health, wellness, and nursing. Her blog looks neat and organized while her posts are also filled with facts that are helpful for everyone.

Great Read: “Job Safety for Nurses” 



76. Health Care Renewal   

Health Care Renewal

Why It Matters: Maintained by several bloggers, this blog is about nursing and the healthcare system in general. It is very informative, giving you updates about the latest innovations in today’s healthcare system.

Great Read: Health Care Corruption, “No Dirty Little Secret,” but “An Open Sore” – Lessons from India for the US 



77. Provo School Nurses 

Provo School Nurses

Why It Matters: This is a blog made by Provo School District Nurses to keep their fellow district nurses and the parents of their regular patients updated. They also post health resources for everyone especially during the times of outbreaks and pandemics.



78. The Makings Of A Nurse    

The Makings Of A Nurse

Why It Matters: This blog chronicles the journey of Nurse Teeny who is currently pursuing Nurse Practitioner training while working as a nurse at the same time. Her experiences are fascinating to read.

Great Read: In “Emily Owens, MD: Same Old,” Nurse Teeny criticizes the medical dramas nowadays. She argues about the wrong portrayal of nurses in these television programs.



79. Sarah Beth RN  

Sarah Beth RN

Why It Matters: Sarah Beth Cowherd, RN blogs about her experience working as a nurse. She explores how technology and social media changes the world of healthcare. Her blog is neat and filled with images she personally took at her workplace.

Great Read: In “Famous Nurse Fired for Instagram Post,” Sarah talks about Katie Duke, the famous nurse of NY MED who was fired over an Instagram post that has been condemned insensitive by her supervisor.



80. On Call RN  

On Call RN


Why It Matters: An ICU nurse posts about her adventures in the Intensive Care Unit of a government hospital. Her posts are entertaining to read as she also loves photography.

Great Read: How to Survive Night Shift Nursing  is a list of tips the blogger shared about her personal experiences as a night shift nurse for five years.



81. 10 Centimeters and Beyond    

10 Centimeters and Beyond

Why It Matters: Made by a night shift labor and delivery nurse in Midwest US, this blog is about the author’s experiences as a nurse who also have to overcome the ups and downs of motherhood. She also writes about what you should expect in a labor and delivery unit.

Great Read: “Skin to Skin” is a post about the new protocol in labor and delivery care. Mother and baby are encouraged to have skin contact right after delivery. This is considered helpful in improving APGAR scores and in enhancing baby’s thermoregulation.



82. Life in the NHS   

Life in the NHSWhy It Matters: This blog was created by a former National Health Service nurse who is now contemplating the NHS from the outside. She also writes about what you should know about NHS programs and other nursing events in general.

Great Read: “Where should people be cared for?” is a post about bringing healthcare service closer to home. The proposed change aims to slim down the hospital services provided to the community, but is it worth it?



83. Adventures of a PICU Nurse Practitioner  

Adventures of a PICU Nurse PractitionerWhy It Matters: Dana is a PICU Nurse Practitioner who shares her experiences in pursuing a new career (she was a former bedside nurse) along with the adjustments she needs to make after becoming a nurse practitioner.

Great Read: “Have You Examined the Patient!?”



84. Innovative Nurse  

Innovative Nurse

Why It Matters: Innovative Nurse is all about business, social media and technology for nurses. Independent nurse practitioner, clinicians and educators will find this blog extremely helpful.

Great Read: “Nurses Week: 5 Notable Nurses In History” is a post that celebrates nurse’s week. It’s amazing to read about the most notable nurses in history and realize how noble the nursing profession is.



85. The Gypsy Nurse  

The Gypsy Nurse

Why It Matters: This is a travel nursing blog and community dedicated for nurses and other medical professionals. Gypsy Nurse–who is currently assigned in Liberia–blogs about her experiences in pursing travel nursing.

Great Read: “A Travel Nurse Volunteer in Liberia: The Adventure Begins” 



86. New Nurse Blog   

New Nurse BlogWhy It Matters: This blog revolves around life after nursing school and the steps in starting as a graduate nurse. The author blogs about her experiences in working as a graduate nurse in the intensive care unit. She also shares some tricks about making your nursing life less difficult.



87. New Nurse Success Shop    

New Nurse Success ShopWhy It Matters: In this blog, Renee Thompson,  a nurse clinician, speaker and educator, writes about how to be successful in your specialty of choice. She also shares tips on how to deal with common problems of nurses in their units.

Great Read: Nursing Practice Tip: Documentation “Never” Events!!  is a list of tips about proper nursing documentation.



88. Frugal Nurse  

Frugal Nurse

Why It Matters: This blog was started in response to the expensive healthcare services nowadays. The blogger, who has worked in the healthcare field for more than 30 years, writes about the different healthcare programs around as well as how to determine if you will really benefit from these programs.

Great Read: DHA (omega-3) fortified foods – Worth the price?” will help you understand if fortified foods are really worth the price. The blogger did a great job in presenting the reasons for buying or not buying fortified foods.



89. Nurse Together 

Nurse Together

Why It Matters: Nurse Together is full of informative articles made especially for nurses. Topics are about nursing lifestyle, education and careers. A lot of of amazing contributors keep this blog alive.

Great Read: What Should Nurses Do After Speaking Up About Physician Errors?



90. Diversity Nursing  

Diversity Nursing

Why It Matters: Diversity Nursing is described as a “niche” blog for nurses. They write about healthcare issues and nursing culture. Information about the increasing demand and job opportunities for nurses is also included in the blog.

Great Read: “Daylight is Best Medicine for Nurses” is about a study that focused on the benefits that nurses can get from being exposed to sunlight.



91. The Underside of Nursing  

The Underside of Nursing


Why It Matters: This blog is very unique because it’s  full of creative writing pieces and poems about the nursing practice.

Great Read: “Blind Date” is a funny poem wherein the blogger describes what it’s like to work in the out-patient department.



92. ER Nurse Insanity

ER Nurse Insanity

Why It Matters: Working as an ER nurse is a tough job and the blogger vents his experiences in the ER department through this blog. His writing style is funny as he is straightforward with his comments and opinions.

Great Read: “Throwback” 



93. ER Nurses Care  

ER Nurses Care


Why It Matters: ER Nurses Care is brimming with stories about the ER department. The blogger also posts warnings about the frequent “unfortunate” stories happening in the emergency room as well as infographics and informative fliers about how you can avoid accidents on the road.

Great Read: “Jacqueline Saburido will inspire and change you” 



94. Bahala Na Nurse Blog  

Bahala Na Nurse Blog

Why It Matters: Chiqui Raveloski decided to become a registered nurse after more than 20 years of working as a pharmacy tech. Now working in a telemetry unit of a small community hospital, she blogs about her daily experiences as well as her own health advice for everyone.

Great Read: In “Why Do I Blog?,” Chiqui shares her insights about blogging and her profession as a nurse. She also reveals the reason why she used the Filipino phrase “Bahala Na” in her blog as she related it to her nursing career in the US.



95. The Nerdy Nurse

The Nerdy Nurse

Why It Matters: Brittney Wilson, RN, BSN is the geek behind The Nerdy Nurse. She works as a Clinical Informatics Nurse and blogs about the nursing profession, technological innovations, and everything in between.

Great Read: “10 Tips for Nurses on the Night Shift” is a list of tips about how to survive the night shift blues. It is very helpful especially if you are stuck with the night shift routines lately.



96. Adventures of Hood Nurse: Hood Hospital 2, Electric Boogaloo  

Adventures of Hood Nurse - Hood Hospital 2, Electric Boogaloo


Why It Matters: Hood Nurse started her career in the ER department and she writes her rants about her experiences in her blog. She expresses her opinions straight to the point, fascinating her readers in the process.

Great Read: In “How to Make an Arrogant Doctor Do What You Want Them To Do,” Hood Nurse narrates a personal experience of dealing with an arrogant doctor. Her tactics are funny but useful at the same time.

Also Read: How to Deal with Angry Doctors – 8 Practical Strategies for Nurses

97. Stethoscopes and Scrubs    

Stethoscopes and Scrubs

Why It Matters: This blog was started by a nursing student who is now a go-to source for tips in studying and surviving the clinicals. The author also shares information about nursing books and continuing education programs.

Great Read: In “Estelle’s Guide to Nursing School: Part 6 – Surviving Clinicals Your Fundamental Semester,” the blogger shares the things she learned in her first semester in nursing school.



98. RN: Real Newbie  

RN - Real Newbie


Why It Matters: Nurse Kitty, the blogger behind RN: Real Newbie, started this blog as a nursing student. Now a registered nurse, she currently shares her opinions, experiences as well as some study tips for nursing students.

Great Read: “Patients Say the Strangest Things” 



99. Frazzled-razzle-rn  


Why It Matters: The blogger first started as a nursing student and now she is a registered nurse working in a labor and delivery unit.

Great Read: In “3 Heartbeats, 2 EFMs, & 1 Pregnant Mom,” the blogger shares her personal experience of hearing the heartbeat of a patient’s twin babies. It’s a touching story about being a new parent.



100. N Is For Nurse  

N Is For Nurse


Why It Matters: With more than six years of experience under her belt, Prisca shares the joys and pains of working  as a labor and delivery nurse. She also discusses her observations about her fellow nurses and doctors in the L&D unit. You can have an idea about a day’s work in the L&D unit by reading her posts.

Great Read: “Doing it all for the money?”


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