Nurse Anesthetist

how to become a nurse anesthetist

So you want to be a nurse anesthetist?

With high income, job stability, and a host of other benefits, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

In 2010, CNN named certified nurse anesthetists as one of the 20 highest-paid workers in the US. Fast forward to 2013 and the demand is still as strong as before. Yet, the competition has never been this stiff. Blame it on few schools offering CRNA programs, nursing graduates are now having a hard time securing a spot.

But taking your first step towards that coveted CRNA title shouldn’t be that complicated. With the right knowledge and experience, you can increase your chances of entering this very lucrative field.


How to Become a Nurse Anesthetist: A Complete Guide

Becoming a nurse anesthetist starts with the right mindset. Although it pays roughly three times more than other nursing specialties, working as a certified nurse anesthetist is no easy feat. In the end, your passion to take care of others matters more than any six-figure income.

Once you have the right attitude, a brief review of how to become a nurse anesthetist should give you an edge. Here’s a rundown of the frequently-asked questions by nurses who dream of becoming a CRNA:


How to become a nurse anesthetist? – This step-by-step guide will give you the basic information and required prerequisites you need to take before considering a career in anesthesiology.

What is the quickest way to become a nurse anesthetist? – There’s definitely a ‘legit’ and fast way to earn a CRNA title; This article will show you how.

What are the schools that offer the best nurse anesthetist program? – With the help of US News and World Report, you can now discover the ten best nurse anesthetist programs existing in the US.

How much do nurse anesthetists really make? – Get the latest and the most accurate estimates of the current nurse anesthetist salary.

Where to find nurse anesthetist jobs? – Find out the current job outlook and the hottest opportunities available for nurse anesthetists.


The path towards becoming a nurse anesthetist is full of challenges and sacrifices. But don’t let them stop you from achieving your dreams. Good luck on your journey!

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