6 Nursing Myths People Thought Were True

myths about the nursing profession

Weird work hours, low wage and menial tasks are some of the commonly held perceptions about the Nursing profession. Here are six common myths people thought were true about being a nurse, some are unsubstantial while others are totally beyond belief:


Myth # 1: Nurses are frustrated doctors.

The Truth: Some think that Nursing is a fallback when you’re not capable of graduating from medical school. However, becoming a nurse is a conscious career decision made by those who want to devote themselves in healthcare. The Nursing curriculum is a difficult education and some even pursue higher levels in order to advance in their profession.


Myth # 2: Nurses run errands for doctors.

The Truth: They are not gofers but health care professionals with some degrees of autonomy. As nurses with independent roles, they help diagnose and treat diseases, assist the sick and elderly and promote advocacies as well as collaborate in research to help protect and save lives. They also teach, publish journals and administer medicines.


Myth # 3: Nursing is a no-brainer job.

The Truth: People think that this job is routinary, not technical. Nurses undergo grueling hours of training for different specializations and most of them handle sensitive clinical cases that require critical thinking skills and high level of medical understanding. They have made it through a very intense program in order to become licensed.


Myth # 4: Nursing is a profession only for women.

The Truth: Who says gentlemen can’t establish a nurse-patient relationship? Breaking through this stereotype, male nurses constantly prove that they are capable of giving appropriate care that is important for a sick person’s recovery. According to the latest census, approximately nine percent of nurses are men and they are known to be as capable and as passionate as women nurses.

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Myth # 5: Nurses only wipe asses and do all the dirty stuff every day.

The Truth: Nurses are expected to handle various tasks based on their specialization. The “dirty stuff” only constitutes a portion of what truly their profession is as it’s very important to ensure patients are well taken care of. Looking after their patients give them a sense of accomplishment that’s why being a nurse is regarded as a calling and not a career.


Myth # 6: Nurses are destined to work ONLY in hospitals.

The Truth: According to research conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, three out of five RNs work in hospitals. The Nursing profession covers a vast expanse of career opportunities. It’s a fact that majority of them are found in hospitals but some still have the opportunity to work in other healthcare institutions, research facilities and communities among others.

It’s sad to know that this profession is filled with myths. Debunking these misconceptions will help encourage future candidates to consider Nursing as an exciting career that has lots of opportunities and areas for personal fulfillment.