Beauty Tips for Nurses: How To Hide Dark Circles Under Eyes


Nurses, do you want some tips and tricks on how to hide dark circles under our eyes?

Dark under-eye circles are inevitable for most nurses. Aside from the night shifts they have to cover, there’s also stress, lack of sleep and improper skin care to blame. When left unaddressed, those dark circles can make you look tired and even affect the way your patients see you.

As a guide on how to hide dark circles effectively, here some of the remedies you can try.

Use Concealers


Concealers can look simple and easy to use but, in reality, they are actually tricky. Use the wrong shade and you can end up making your dark circles even more prominent. Pick the wrong formulation and you’ll get it clinging on to the fine lines under your eyes.

To help you out, take note of these important things about concealers.

For puffy under-eyes without blue tones

A good concealer for puffy under-eyes is one that is slightly darker than your skin tone. Just imagine the way you contour your cheeks to make it look slimmer. With the same principle, use a darker concealer to de-emphasize the puffiness and make your under-eyes look less prominent.

Apply the concealer after your foundation. Use your fingertips to blend everything into your skin. Once blended, you can use a setting powder to make the concealer last longer.

For tired-looking under-eyes

This is a common struggle among women with medium to dark skin. If you’ve always been told you look tired even after a good rest, then you should steer away from using a concealer that is lighter than your skin tone and foundation.

Instead of concealing your under-eyes, a lighter concealer can highlight your trouble areas and make them more noticeable. It can also leave a white cast and make your under-eyes look ashy.

Your best option is to use a color correcting concealer. To counter the darkness under your eyes, you can try an orange tinted concealer. Don’t worry about it looking funny at first application. Once blended, it can virtually erase the blue tone and instantly give your eyes more life.

For thin-skinned under-eyes with blue tone

If you have a fair complexion, there’s a good chance you’ll have dark under-eyes that are more noticeable than others. Your best friend in counter-acting this issue is a concealer that has a pink to beige base.

De-puff Naturally

If you aren’t a fan of cosmetics or you’re too afraid to try wearing one, your next best solution to hide your dark circles is to use natural remedies. They are cheaper, safer and readily available at home. You can use them right before going to work or the night before your morning shift.



Take out two slices of cucumber and apply them on your closed eyelids for around 15 minutes. Ensure that they completely touch the skin around your eyes so that their moisture and nutrients can penetrate your dark circles better.

To get the most out of this remedy, make sure that they are cold. Cucumbers have ingredients that can lighten the skin as well as soothe tired eyes. The cold temperature, on the other hand, can help constrict the blood vessels in your under-eye areas.



Potatoes have the same properties as cucumbers when it comes to addressing dark circles. However, unlike cucumbers, potatoes have lesser vitamin C content but more lightening properties.

Tea bags


Using tea bags to solve or hide dark circles can take a bit of preparation but the benefits they offer are amazing. Among the wide range of tea bags, your best pick for dark under-eyes is chamomile tea that’s caffeine-free since it has potent anti-inflammatory properties. In case you’re also struggling with puffy under-eyes, you should pick black or green tea.

The tea bags need to be soaked in clean water before use. Once they are soaked enough, gently press the bags to get rid of the excess water. Pop the bags into your freezer. Since nurses like multitasking, you can drink your tea or wash your face while you are waiting for them to cool.

Once they are cold enough, lie down and apply the bags on your closed eyelids. Let them stay on your eyes for at least 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water after.

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Use The Right Skin Care Products

Learning how to hide dark circles is easy but if you want to permanently get rid of them, you have to invest in the right products. As a nurse, it’s essential that you always look your best. It helps build credibility and gives your patients a more positive outlook in their stay in the hospital.

For skin care items, here are some of the things you need to add to your beauty arsenal.

Anti-oxidant serum


A serum is more potent than a moisturizer. It commonly has a thick and rich consistency to deliver highly concentrated ingredients to your skin.

For your dark under-eyes, pick one that has Niacinamide since it can boost microcirculation. Vitamin C is a nice ingredient to have in your serum if you are looking to re-energize your cells. For moisture, you can stick with vitamin E serum.

Face mask


Some face masks can provide deep hydration while there are others that can help lighten the skin. To solve dark under-eye circles, pick a face mask that has skin lightening ingredients. Papaya and lemon are good examples.

Eye cream


Applying heavy creams on your under eye areas can only make things worse for you since they can promote fluid retention. The more fluid that stays on your under eyes, the puffier they’ll get.

This is exactly why eye creams are an essential skin care item. They contain ingredients that can specifically target weakened blood vessels and stop its main cause. When buying an eye cream, look for products that contain caffeine since they constrict blood vessels. You can also try eye creams that contain peptides, niacinamides, and anti-oxidants.

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