12 Important Dates Nurses Should Have In Their Calendar


Nurses have seriously busy schedules. Working long shifts and balancing out activities at home, you can end up missing a few important dates for nurses on your calendar and that’s not fun.

To make sure you get to join your colleagues in celebrating your chosen career and specialization, we’ve prepared a list of important dates you should mark on your calendar.


January 20 to 26- National Nurse Anesthetists Week

The National Nurse Anesthetists Week is an annual celebration of not just the 53,000 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists in the country but also the anesthesia patient safety. It increases the awareness of the people on the skills and credentials of the nurses who worked hard to earn them.

January 25- IV Nurse Day

Infusion therapy is delivered not just to patients in the hospital setting but also to patients in alternative care sites, physician’s offices, and even patients’ homes.

Nurses who specialize in IV therapy are responsible for providing the correct dose of medication. They are also responsible for keeping patients safe from any infections and complications they can get from the therapy.

This January 25, CRNIs across the globe will be celebrated in their specialized practice. It’s a day that recognizes and promotes the specialty and its advancement.


February 4 to 10- Perianesthesia Nurse Awareness Week

Perianesthesia Nurse Awareness week is geared towards celebrating and promoting the practice throughout the country. It highlights and celebrates the work of over 60,000 perianesthesia nurses in the nation.


April 17- Transplant Nurses Day

Since 2006, this special day is celebrated to increase the awareness of the great contributions skilled transplant nurses create in the lives of their patients.


May 6- National Nurses Day / May 6 to 12- National Nurses Week

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Who can forget Nurses Day?

This special week celebrates the unique contributions of nurses- from the sacrifices they make to their strong dedication to improving the lives of their patients. During this week, expect to have really exciting activities. If you don’t have any plans yet, now is the perfect time to sit down with your colleagues and schedule fun things to do.

And don’t forget to look out for discounts. A lot of shops actually offer great discounts to nurses during the week.


This entire month is for nurses specializing in Oncology. As an oncology nurse, you are there to carefully explain the diagnosis to your patients as well as guide them in choosing the right treatment plant. You are there to celebrate whatever their victories are and to listen to their thoughts and feelings.

With all the things you do, take the whole month of May to celebrate your chosen career.


June 13- National Nursing Assistants’ Week

Nursing assistants do a lot for their patients, particularly those in nursing homes and long-term care settings. They provide hands-on care and they provide comfort and support as needed.


September 8 to 14- National Nephrology Nurses Week

It’s a day to honor the nephrology nurses who work hard to provide care to patients with kidney diseases. The American Nephrology Nurses Association launched it to enable patients, employers, and other people to give the recognition nephrology nurses deserve for saving lives and improving patient outcomes.

September 15- National Neonatal Nurses Day

This celebration started in 2000 by the National Association of Neonatal Nurses. It’s a day to honor and celebrate nurses who work hard and dedicate themselves in caring for neonates and making a difference in the lives of their families.


October 6 to 12- Emergency Nurses Week

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Recognize all the things emergency nurses do to provide the best outcome for their patients even under pressured situations during this week. You can give them gifts or you can just say a sincere thank you. Surely, these everyday heroes would appreciate that.


November 1 to 7- Medical-Surgical Nurses Week

Every year, Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses marks this week to celebrate the nurses who work in the said specialty.

November 10- Peri-Operative Nurses Week

Celebrate your operating room nurses this November 10. Bake them a cake or get them a hand lotion. They’ll surely appreciate it.

Did we miss any important dates for nurses? Let us know in the comment section below!