35 Rejuvenating Burnout Quotes For Nurses

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Burnout is almost inevitable for nurses. With long hours of work, missing meals, and having to hold one’s bladder for hours, that’s really not surprising. Burnout can even make nurses quit and that’s not even shocking, particularly with the environment they are working in.

If you or your co-nurses are having a really hard time getting back on track and regaining focus at work, here are the best burnout quotes for nurses that will keep you moving.

I have a theory that burnout is about resentment. And you beat it by knowing what it is you’re giving up that makes you resentful. – Marissa Mayer

To be self-compassionate is not to be self-indulgent or self-centred. A major component of self-compassion is to be kind to yourself. Treat yourself with love, care, dignity and make your wellbeing a priority. With self-compassion, we still hold ourselves accountable professionally and personally, but there are no toxic emotions inflicted upon and towards ourselves. – Christopher Dines

In dealing with those who are undergoing great suffering, if you feel “burnout” setting in, if you feel demoralized and exhausted, it is best, for the sake of everyone, to withdraw and restore yourself. The point is to have a long-term perspective. – Dalai Lama

You are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. – Christopher Robin

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Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. – Chinese proverb

When we commit to action, to actually doing something rather than feeling trapped by events, the stress in our life becomes manageable. – Greg Anderson

However good or bad a situation is, it will change. – Regina Brett

Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one. – Hans Selye

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Say NO to the demands of the world. Say YES to the longings of your own heart. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

When we commit to action, to actually doing something rather than feeling trapped by events, the stress in our life becomes manageable. – Greg Anderson

If you are in a bad mood go for a walk. If you are still in a bad mood go for another walk. -Hippocrates

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Understanding how to find the magic moments in your daily life is critical. If you subscribe to the philosophy that says, “My vacation will free me from burnout,” then you`re waiting for a few days out of the year to make up for many days of stress. Instead, you have to be able to take mini-vacations on a daily basis. – Tony Robbins

When you find yourself stressed, ask yourself one question: Will this matter in 5 years from now? If yes, then do something about the situation. If no, then let it go. – Catherine Pulsifer

Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud. – Maya Angelou

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Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice. -Wayne Dyer

The No. 1 cause of burnout is doing the same thing over and over again and not seeing results. – Steve Kaczmarski

Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop. – Ovid

Every time you find some humor in a difficult situation, you win. – Peanuts

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You will burn and you will burn out; you will be healed and come back again. – Fyodor Dostoevsky

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. – Jim Rohn

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths. – Etty Hillesum

burnout quotations

Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you. – John De Paola

It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it. – Lou Holtz

Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words.
Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior.
Keep you behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits.
Keep you habits positive because your habits become your values.
Keep you values positive because your values become your destiny.

– Mahatma Gandhi

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I just love what I do. I’m not worried about any burnout. – Canelo Alvarez

Rule number one is, don’t sweat the small stuff. Rule number two is, it’s all small stuff. -Robert Eliot

It’s not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean. – Tony Robbins

Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them. You will find they haven’t half the strength you they have. – Norman Vincent Peale

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Balance is not better time management, but better boundary management. Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices. – Betsy Jacobson

We have overstretched our personal boundaries and forgotten that true happiness comes from living an authentic life fueled with a sense of purpose and balance. – Dr. Kathleen Hall

By refreshing our sense of belonging in the world, we widen the web of relationships that nourishes us and protects us from burnout. – Joanna Macy & Chris Johnstone

For fast-acting relief, try slowing down. – Lily Tomlin

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There’s a lot of stress out there, and to handle it, you just need to believe in yourself; always go back to the person that you know you are, and don’t let anybody tell you any different, because everyone’s special and everyone’s awesome. – McKayla Maroney

Self-care is how you take your power back. – Lalah Delia

Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There’s going to be stress in life, but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not. – Valerie Bertinelli

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