12 Inspiring Love Quotes for Nurses


Here are 12 special love quotes for nurses that we think you’d enjoy. Nurses have one of the most challenging professions ever and deserve our appreciation, love and respect. Here are some inspiring quotes from Pinterest created specially for nurses and a handful of sweet love quotes that call to mind the nursing profession.

1.You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you. – Jane Austen

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2. Who else could stand 12 hours at a time, guarding against death, and risk having one’s own heart broken, while wearing a smile? Only a nurse.” 

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3. If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then would you realize how special you are to me. 

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4. NURSE. Just another word to describe a person strong enough to tolerate everything and soft enough to understand everyone. 

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5. Life is tough my darling, but so are you. – Stephen Bennett Henry 

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6. As  Nurse, we have the opportunity to heal the mind, soul, heart and body of our patients. Their families and ourselves. They may forget your name but they will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou

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7. My Mission: To be so busy loving my life that I have no time for hate, regret, worry, fret, or fear. – Loubis and Champagne

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8. Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription. –Val Saintsbury

9. What is done in love is done well. –Vincent Van Gogh

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10. Do small things with great love. – Mother Teresa

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11. God found some of the strongest women and made them Nurses. 

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12. Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, a touch that never hurts. – Charles Dickens

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What was your favorite love quote for nurses? Do you have another inspiring quote that’s not on the list? Tell us all about it on our FB page!