The 5 Must-Have Nursing Gifts For The Holidays

nursing gifts for the holidays

Are you looking for the best Nursing gifts for your hospital angels?

Whether you’re a very grateful patient or just someone lucky enough to have been married to a nurse, this holiday gift guide will definitely come in handy.

So prepare your virtual shopping cart as we list down 5 of the hottest and highest-rated Nursing gifts from Amazon.


1. Nurse Tote Bag

nursing gifts

Weighing only 1 pounds, this cute but sturdy Nursing tote bag from Prestige Medical is designed to carry everything you need for work. It comes with a shoulder strap that is long enough for more convenient carrying, especially if you have more than one bag to drag to work. The bag is well-sealed with a paper sheet to ensure that the cute little nurse image won’t get scratch. Buy it on Amazon


2. Singing Nurse Teddy Bear

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Make your special nurse blush with this adorable teddy bear dressed in bright pink scrubs. Complete with miniature stethoscope and an ID badge where you can fit the gift card, this toy is an ideal companion for nurses and nursing students alike. Simply press her paw and her body will sway as she sings “I’ll Be There”, a song that captures every nurse’s mission in life. Buy it on Amazon



3. Water-Resistant Scrub Watch

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Another great product from Prestige Medical, this purple scrub watch has all the features that nurses will find indispensable. It has 24-hour dial with second hand that is perfectly-designed to help students accurately count respiration and pulse. Charting is now also easier, thanks to the military time configured for busy nurses.

Stylish yet waterproof, this watch is a perfect gift for medical workers who constantly wash their hands and lower arms. Buy it on Amazon



4. Syringe Pens

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Make your charting and note-taking tasks more exciting using these multi-colored pens in unique syringe design. It has a black ink tightly enclosed in a cylinder which is then surrounded by a colored liquid. Enjoy three of each color variants (blue, red, yellow, and green)  in each pack. Choose between 12-pc. and 24-pc. packages. Buy it on Amazon



5. Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul

nursing unique gifts

From the best-selling Chicken Soup book series comes this heart-warming book written by nurses for nurses. It is a compilation short stories and anecdotes, making it a perfect companion for busy nurses. Laugh, cry and shake your heads as this book brings you an emotional roller coaster that in the end, will remind you of the reasons why you chose to be a nurse in the first place. Buy it on Amazon


Your Turn

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