5 Style Tips For Your Nursing Scrubs

stylish scrubs

Scrubs are extremely comfortable. They’re like wearing pajamas to work.

However, although comfortable, some are not the most stylish and most nurses will agree. Some of what nurses wear can be rather boring and some scrubs are very unflattering.

But guess what?

With the right tips and tricks, you can actually make your scrubs look extra fabulous and fun. Below are a few ideas you can try.

1Choose the right fit

Some scrubs might look like pajamas but it doesn’t mean that they have to look like a flour sack on you. Some of the new modern scrub designs are more figure-flattering than they used to be.

So, choose a pair that fits you perfectly. This ensures not just your comfort but safety, too. Pick scrubs that aren’t so tight that they’ll restrict your movements or too loose that they can cause tripping accidents or slip down when you are caring for patients. Also, select fabrics that have 2-way or 4-way stretch for ultimate comfort and unrestricted movement.

To ensure a good fit, you need to try on the scrubs first before you buy them. Make sure that the chest, shoulder, and arm areas aren’t too tight. See if they won’t show your stomach if you raise your arms.

Now, if you are buying your scrubs online, do a proper measurement first. If you are unsure how, don’t think twice about asking for your seamstress’ help.

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2Go for a flattering color

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There are areas where nurses are required to wear white uniforms only, so. If you’re planning on getting printed or colored scrubs, check your hospital’s policy first.

In picking the colors that look best on you, the first thing you need to do is know your undertone temperature.

You have a warm undertone if:

  • Your veins appear more greenish
  • You look better with gold-toned jewelry
  • Your skin tans easily

You have a cold undertone if:

  • Your veins appear bluish or deep purple
  • You look better in silver and platinum
  • Your skin doesn’t tan easily

If your answers are mixed, you probably have a neutral undertone and this is great news for you. It simply means that most colors will look great on you.

Now, if you have a warm undertone, go for scrubs with earth tones. This includes taupe, orange, yellow and off-white. You’ll also look great in mustard yellows and chocolate browns.

In case you have a cool undertone, you’ll look great in sea shades and cool grays. Greens and blues will look nice on you, too.

Apart from your skin tone, another factor you can consider when choosing the right color for your scrubs is your personality.

People who wear green scrubs are often those who have a sense of peace and harmony. They are candid, sincere, and gentle.

If you want to come across as a patient, conservative, and dependable nurse, wear darker shades of scrubs, like navy, black, dark gray or wine. If you want to be different and show off your uniqueness, wit, and sensitivity, go with purple scrubs. You can wear yellow scrubs for happiness, precise thinking, and strong opinions.

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3Choose scrubs that will fit your body type

It can be tempting to go for the most trendy scrubs but if you want to look the most professional, stick with scrubs that flatter your body type.

For example, if you have a pear body type, go for scrubs that accentuate your shoulders so that they’ll balance out the size of your hips. Avoid wearing oversized and skinny scrubs.

Instead, pick a pair with a boatneck or open neck design. For your pants, pick those with a wider leg part.

Now, how do you know if you have a pear body type?

Shoulders that are narrow, a small waist and moderately sized busts create a pear-shaped appearance.

On the other hand, if you have an hourglass body, high-waisted pants and scoop tees will look really great on you as they’ll accentuate your figure. Scrubs with straight legged pants can also make your curves more defined.

Stay away from loose and oversized scrubs as they can make your hips and chest look like unflattering bulges.

For the apple-shaped body, stick with flared pants and V-neck tops. Mock-style scrubs are also nice for your body type because they take inches off of your upper body. To create the illusion of broader hips, choose printed bottoms.

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4Look for quality scrubs

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Now, this is something you really shouldn’t miss. As a nurse, you need scrubs that can keep up with you, like Skechers by Barco.…. you’ll fall in Total Scrub Love with this new scrub brand. They come in 11 fun colors, most of which adhere to hospital color-coding restrictions and they are made from sustainable fabric. They’re also wash and wear so they’re very convenient.

It’s important to get uniforms that don’t get wrinkled and tear easily, particularly with all the long shifts and heavy physical activity on the job.

To check for the quality of your scrubs, consider turning your scrubs inside out. Check to see if seams are double-stitched and also if the pockets are reinforced. If there are buttons or snaps, they should be aligned and attached securely.

When it comes to fabric, do not cut corners, always buy scrubs that have some degree of at least one the following fiber contents: polyester, spandex or nylon which offer the greatest level of comfort, durability and flexibility. They also offer the greatest value because they will last the longest and hold up with multiple washes keeping their shape and requiring the least amount of care.

5Don’t forget to accessorize

Although not all accessories are allowed, you can still keep your scrubs fashionable by pairing them with the appropriate and safe accessories.

For example, if you carry your stethoscope with you all the time, you can add a bit of your personality by using stethoscope covers. You can also wear decorative ID tags.

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Consider choosing scrubs that have coordinating jackets or even vests to match, Barco Uniforms has quite a collection brands that offer both.

Choosing a scrub hat or cap that matches your uniform is also great. It adds more fun and creativity to the way you look without violating your hospital’s policy. Shoes and socks are another way to add a pop of color and personality flavor to your basic uniform dress code.

In Conclusion

Although they may seem like pajamas, scrubs can still be flattering and fun. With these tips, you can wear the most stylish scrubs without having to worry about sacrificing your comfort or your safety.

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