12 Funniest Christmas Jokes for Nurses in Pinterest

christmas jokes for nurses

ith all the hard work you do, it’s only right for you to take a break and have a good laugh. And this Christmas season, we are sharing with you the funniest Christmas jokes for nurses we could find on Pinterest. They are so hilarious- we guarantee you won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling after.

1. The Grinch’s Heart

2. All I want for Christmas is… Ativan!

ativan jokes

3. … Or a Christmas holiday? 

nurse memes

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4. This could be you

nurse vacations

5. The Jingle Bells song for nurses

jingle bells for nurses

6. I can’t believe it!

funny nurse jokes

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7. On the 12th day of Christmas, diabetes gave to me…

diabetes christmas song

8. Oh, Christmas tree

9. Here’s wishing you a silent night!

christmas nurse jokes

10. About elves and nurses


11. Santa… the all-seeing and the all-knowing

christmas nurse joke

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12. 12 days of nursing Christmas

We hope we got at least a chuckle out of you with these Christmas jokes for nurses. We’re hoping that despite your busy hospital shift and schedule, you’re getting some time to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones.

Here’s wishing you, our dear nurses, a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!