10 Best DIY Gifts for Nurses

diy nurse gifts

Nurses, what’s sometimes more exciting and touching than store bought gifts? It’s DIY nurse gifts, of course. When somebody takes their precious time and effort to make something for you, then you can’t help but treasure it. I personally like to throw things out and de-clutter but when it comes to presents that people have made especially for me, I happily reminisce for a beat and then tuck them into a special spot.

Check out our awesome list of the best DIY gifts for nurses.

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1Coffee Frame

Do you have a friend nurse who subsists on coffee? If yes, then this wall decor is a tongue-in-cheek poke at his or her coffee addiction.

It’s fairly easy to make this coffee frame. All you need is a frame, some coffee beans, and a print out of the words “In Case of Emergency Break Glass”.  Source

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2Gift Basket

I love this gift basket because it’s very flexible. Load it up with a nurse’s favorite munchies. Or put in some great personal care like hand moisturizers and hair masks. The possibilities are quite vast especially if you know your giftee’s likes and dislikes.

The cute card that comes along with it also gives you space for a special message. Source

3Exfoliating Lemon Sugar Lip Scrub

Harsh weather can get nurses very dry fast. Make this very simple lip scrub recipe with just jojoba oil, honey, and sugar. It’s that simple!

Used twice a week will make a real difference to your lippies. Source

4Sprinkle Pill Paperweight

These are cute stocking stuffers or holiday giveways for your fellow nurses. They’re super fast and easy to make too.

To make these paperweights, you’ll need cloches, spray paint, gumballs, glue, and washi tape. You can substitute any candy for the gumballs. And if you don’t have cloches, you can use any transparent box and fill that up with candies. Just make sure to close it securely with tape or glue to secure what’s inside. Source

5Stethoscope Covers

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, then these stethoscope covers will only take you a short while to make. Buy cute swatches of cloths and make these simple patterns.

The nice thing is, they can be used as a container for a variety of things including pens, chopsticks, and other long-ish objects. Source

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6Thank You Tumblers

Here are more ideas for batch gifts! If you’re lacking in any artistic or craft-y skill, then these customized tumblers are for you.

All you need to do is to buy similar transparent tumblers, put some goodies inside, and print some cards and vinyl stickers (the stethoscope design) to complete these babies. Source

7Post-it Clipboards

Nurses use up a TON of post-its the entire year. Make your colleagues cute clipboards for their post-its to make the day brighter. Source

8Aromatherapy Shower Bombs

These are the ultimate in relaxation – delicious bath shower bombs. Imagine what you’re gifting to your nurses if you give them these bubblies. They can put on their favorite music, light their favorite scented cancle, drop a shower bomb into the tub, and soak until they get prune-y.

Click on the link to get to the recipe. Source

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9Sweet Treats

Give medicine organizers a sweet twist. All you need to do to put these together is to buy small candies and these organizers. It’s super easy even a baby can make these! Source

10Chill Pillow

If you’re reading my list and thinking how easy they are, well here’s a challenge. A chill pillow. You’ll need some sewing skills and crafty know-how to get these together.

Man, I need one of these. Source

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Did you find any DIY nurse gifts that piqued your interest? Have fun and enjoy all the gifting and giving!