Nursing Gifts: 7 Coolest Ideas For Any Occasion

nursing gifts

Are you looking for Nursing gifts ideas for a soon-to-be RN? Do you want to give a birthday surprise for your favorite nurse? Or are you simply looking for out-of-the-box Nursing-themed gifts for this holiday?

Whether it’s Christmas or graduation party, a nurse’s commitment to a highly stressful career is worth celebrating.

Truth be told, they are the unsung heroes in the medical profession who are taken for granted most of the time. Therefore, a simple and thoughtful Nursing gift may be more than enough to let them know that their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Whatever plans you have in mind, these 7 coolest Nursing gift ideas will get you started:


1. Nurse-Shaped USB Drive 2.0

nurse USB + nursing gifts

Price: $11.23

Store, share, and transfer important files in style with these nurse-shaped USB drives. Cute and trendy, these plug-and-play USB sticks are perfect for organizing your personal as well as medical-related information.

Impress your co-workers or classmates as these USB drives come with up to 1 GB of storage space. It seamlessly supports both Mac and Windows operating systems.

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2. Pandemic Board Game

Pandemic board game + nurses gifts

Price: $69.95 (with free shipping)

Experience endless hours of fun, adrenaline-filled play with Pandemic, a one-of-a-kind board game for strategic medical professionals.

In this 60-minute game, nurses will be required to take the role of CDC specialists or scientists to stop multiple plague breakouts before they become full-blown pandemic. This board game is best enjoyed by 2 to 5 players.

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3. ‘First Year Nurse’

First Year Nurse + nursing graduation gifts

Price: $9.13 (Hardcover) or $4.21 (Paperback)

An ideal gift for newbie nurses, Barbara Arnoldussen’s “First Year Nurse: Wisdom, Warnings, and What I Wish I’d Known My First 100 Days on the Job” is a lightweight book filled with useful tips and insights from veteran nurses.

Educational and sometimes humorous, this book, as its description suggests, “places the wisdom and warnings of hundreds of experienced nurses right at your fingertips.”

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4. Chill Pill Ice Cube Tray

Chill Pill Ice Cube Tray + unique gifts for nurses

Price: $9.99

Give your stressed-out nurse something to smile about with this cute and unique ice cube tray.

Shaped like medicine pills, this ice cube tray offers a fascinating relief for beverage boredom. Enjoy these medicine-themed ice cubes with colored drinks and make your night shifts something to look forward to. Chill Pill ice cube tray makes 6 ice cubes per use.

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5. “Wear-‘N-Write” Wearable Dry Erase Notepads

novelty gifts for nurses + Wearable Dry Erase Notepads

Price: $5.99

Tired of taking notes on your hands? Are you a self-proclaimed scatterbrain who is always overwhelmed by note-taking? Say goodbye to your Nursing shift pet peeves with this wearable notepad ideally designed for busy nurses.

A newly-patented product, this note-taking gadget comes with 3 x 4 inch flexible writing surface, adjustable elastic band with velcro strip, and dry erase pen that fits comfortably to your wristband for easy carrying.

Thanks to this innovative tool, you can now write important patient notes instantly and boost your productivity to boot.

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6. Personalized Nursing Watch

Nurse Watch + cool nursing gifts

Price: $49.95

Show your appreciation to your favorite nurse with this lovely timepiece that comes with hand-crafted stethoscope and other Nursing-related designs.

Available in gold or silver, this Nursing watch also features an attractive pink leather band and analog dial. A perfect gift idea for nurses who can’t afford to come to their shifts without a good ‘ol wrist watch.

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7. Foot Pamper Gift Basket

foot pamper gift basket + gift ideas for nurses

Price: £11.99

Nurses spend most of their shifts either standing or running errands. Thus, what better item to cap off this list of Nursing gift ideas than a set of foot pampering products?

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Treat your nurse loved ones with a foot massage using this gift basket. It comes with a foot spray, foot soak, pumice stone, cotton waffle flannel, foot soap, and a brush to ensure a soothing foot spa experience even while at home.

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Featured image: Pink Nurse USB Drive from eBay