10 New Funny Nursing Memes You’ve Never Seen Before

funny nursing memes

Check out our brand new and freshly minted funny nursing memes. Take a break and have some laughs with these jokes that ONLY nurses would understand.

1. Sharing a laugh because…

funny nurse

2. If looks could kill

nurse humor

3. The look that I give…

nurses humor

4. That legendary Q-word… It’s REAL!

nursing humor

5. Only night shift nurses will know…

nursing_ memes

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And we found these awesome new memes from our fellow nursing websites like Fabulous RN.

6. Happiness!

nurse meme
Via thankyounurses.tumblr.com

7. Definition of a “good day” for nurses

nurse jokes
Via Buzzfeed

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nurse stress
Via docjokes.com

9. Nurse thanks figures of authority for helping him survive Nursing school

nursing memes
Via memenik88..com

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10. What about MEEEE???

Via onlyanurse.com


Nursing memes are so hilarious because they’re so true. The Nursing profession is simply a job like no other.

Which ones of the above funny nursing memes made you laugh?