101 Funniest Nursing Memes on Pinterest – Our Special Collection


Nursing isn’t an easy profession. You need to be physically and mentally strong if you want to make it through those 12-hour shifts. Having a good sense of humor also helps.

Humor and laughter can help alleviate some of the pressure at work. They can help ease stress, too!

If you are having a rough day at work or you simply need something to make you laugh out loud, turn to these funny nursing memes. These are memes only nurses can understand.

1. Nurses love their pens!

funny nurses meme

2. I was only gone two minutes!

funniest meme

3. Do you want to place a foley?

funniest nursing memes4. That’s my face.

funny memes for nurses

5. The atiVAN!

funny meme

6. Funny things patients say

Funniest nurse

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7. Two thumbs up!

funny memes

8. Living dangerously

funny nurse humor memes

9. The look I give to my patients when they say that they are allergic to all medications except Dilaudid!

funny memes

10. I volunteer as Tribute!

funny nurse memes

11. Expectation versus reality

funny nurse meme

12. Oh the woes of a nurse!

funny nurse memes

13. It would be fun they said…

funny nurse zombie

14. What happened??!

funny nursing memes

15. Never ever say the “Q” word!

Is this nursing superstition an urban myth or is it real?

funny nurse

16. Let’s just stand right here in this corner.

nurse funniest meme

17. Holy $#!

nurse funniest quote

18. Really????

cartoon nurse funny

19. Here’s an A1C test!

nurse funniest quotes

20. That moment…

nurse funniest

21. Patients say the darndest things

funny nurses memes

22. Nurse, my love for you is like…

nurse funny meme

23. Yeah, try changing a colostomy bag!

nurse funny memes

24. How I feel when…

funny nurses


25. Hey girl… when I think of you…

nurse funny pickup line

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26. This must be a dream and I’m asleep

nurse funny quote

27. A good reason to be a nurse

funny nursing meme

28. More pick up lines for that special nurse in your heart

nurse funny pickup lines

29. Peace out!

nurse funny quotes

30. Nurses sometimes break the rules!

funny nursing school31. Finally!

nurse funny32. Just try it!

nurse meme

33. “Pretendinitis”!

funny quote memes

34. Exactly how I feel when coming out of isolation room!

nurse memes

35. A bit off color but it’s Captain Picard!

funniest things

36. Been asked that a lot of times!

funniest things nurse

37. All about clinical placements

nursing game meme

38. Say hello to the triage nurse

nursing meme

39. Just try it one more time I tell you

funny quote

40. You tell it like it is Forrest

nursing memes

41. Finally!

nursing student meme

42. Funny things patients say… all the time

hair hurts nursebuff

43. The look that I give to my patients when they say that they haven’t pooped in days!

funniest meme nurse

44. Let it go! Let it go!

funniest meme nurses

45. Shake that booty!

humor nurse

46. Funny things patients do and say

funny meme humor

47. Totally the luck of the draw

funny meme humors

48. I hope someday some handsome, hot guy says that to me!

marry a nurse

49. Welcome to nursing school!

funny meme nurse

50. What a nurse learns to NEVER say during shift…unless you want to be mobbed by your co-nurses

funny meme nurses

51. Hide yo drinks! Hide yo snacks!

nurse commission

52. Charge nurses be like…

funny memes nurse

53. Hahaha! The look that I give…

funny memes nurses

54. You know you’re a nurse when…

nurse funniest

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55. Been there, done that…

funny nurse humor

56. The look my face gets when…

funny nurse quote

57. What the…!

nurse funny humor

58. The REAL life of a nursing major

funny nursing humor

59. Amen!

meme funniest nurse

60. I dare you!

nurse funny quotes

61. Definitely C diff!

meme funniest nurses62. Patients and their annoying relatives

meme funny nurse

63. Eat? Pee?

nurse funny

64. That look!

meme funny nurses

65. Running wild and free

meme nurse

66. Ooopppss! Sorry!

nurse humor

67. The woes of night shift duty

night shift meme

68. Oh no! Panic face!

meme nursing

69. Yeah, we’ve said it practically a million times

nurse memes

70. Clearly photoshopped! Or else it’s an alternate dimension

nurse funny meme

71. Night shift problems!

nurse funny memes

72. Never ever say “It sure is quiet now”.

One of our favorite nursing memes.

very funny nurse

73. Yep, old folks can certainly be like this!

nurses funny meme

74. This shouldn’t be a surprise anymore but…

nurses funny memes

75. My poor innocent nurse’s finger…

nurse finger

76. When patients go crazy and you check the calendar… seriously…

nursing funny meme

77. Let me play you the song of my people!

nursing funny memes

78. Welcome!

nursing game meme

79. Makes me want to cry!

nursing memes

80. If you could only… nurses can dream…

funniest nurse meme

81. The mystical mysteries of nursing

funniest nurse memes

82. Seriously? Is this a real question?

funniest nursing meme

83. More pickup lines for us lovely nurses

funniest nursing memes

84. More woes of night shift nursing
funny nurse meme

85. No more admits! No more admits!

funny nurse memes

86. Sure, I promise!

meme nurse

87. Nurse problems

nurse funniest meme

88. One more time please!

nurse funny meme

89. Jump for joy! Celebrations!

nurse funny quote

90. Hahaha!

nurse funny memes

91. Everyone hits the jackpot

nurse humor

92. Go back to sleep after I check up on you every 2 minutes

nurse humors

93. The transformation of night shift nurses

nursing funniest memes

94. You might not be able to fix stupid but…

nursing funny memes

95. More funny things patients say

nursing funny quote

96. Really perfect timing for an itch!

nursing funny quotes

97. Nursing school problems!

nurse funny humor

98. Sorry, I’m not allowed to say!

nurse funny quotes

99. You’ll surely sing this when you use the lift!

meme nurses

100. That’s too long! LOL!

funny nurse humor

101. Help!

Nursing is a very unique profession. We’ve got challenges that nobody in their line of work have.

How about you? Do you have any other favorite nursing memes that need to be on this list? Tell us in the comments section!