8 Holidays For Nurses That We Wish Were REAL

Holidays For Nurses

It’s after the holidays and we’re sitting here dreaming of holidays for nurses that we wish could be real. It’s free to dream so here goes!

National Post-Holiday Holiday

Whoever thinks holidays are relaxing and peaceful must live in the boondocks or must NOT be a nurse. Christmas and New Year are some of the busiest days of the year for nurses who have to spend it at work.

Patients who are well enough to go home are discharged, but patients who are really really sick are left behind. And then of course, there’s that influx of patients who have gotten sick due to the holidays from forgetting their medicines or overindulging.

And on the flip side, nurses who are lucky enough to score vacation time usually get caught up in the usual flurry of mad holiday activities like shopping and wrapping up a gazillion gifts and meeting a flock of friends and relatives.

So yeah, we totally need a holiday from the holidays!

funny nurse jokes

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National Bladder Day

This might be a bit random but for every nurse who has had to hold it in, this one’s for you. On National Bladder Day, nurses get to pee ANY time the urge comes.

nurse pee ecard

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National Snooze Day

For the sleep-deprived nurse, here’s a holiday where you can sleep in all you want in your favorite pj’s. We’ll throw in a steaming cup of yummy chicken soup too for that extra TLC.

nurse meme

Carribean Nurse Holiday

On this day, all nurses get a FREE and all-expense paid trip to a Caribbean resort where we can laze under the warm sun in a bikini, get a lovely tan, and sip margaritas.

nurse vacations

National No-Emergency Holiday

Since we are the powers that be, we were toying with the idea of a No-Telephone holiday. But hey, that won’t work too well if we gotta run over for emergencies so we hatched a better idea.

Why not a national No-Emergency holiday? With this supplementary holiday, we get to enjoy our Caribbean holiday with no distractions!

National No-Splatter Day

Back to the simpler joys of life, how about a day wherein nurses get no contact whatsoever with bodily fluids? It’s a National No-Splatter Day for nurses! funnest nurse gif

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National Nurse-Is-Right Day

On this very special day, Dr. Know-It-All and Annoying-Patient-Relatives will have to be nice to nurses. That’s two annoying things scratched off our list.

National Staffing Day

Are you understaffed and overworked? Here’s a magical holiday for you. On this day, the hospital gets staffed just right. No understaffing in sight! Everybody gets to do their rounds without having to juggle too many tasks and patients.


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Thanks for putting up with our silliness! Wouldn’t it be great if nurses had these holidays?

How about you? What holidays for nurses do you want to wish for? Tell us in the comments section or in our FB page!