250 Funniest Nursing Quotes and eCards (Part 1)

nursing quotes and ecards

Contrary to what most people believe in, Nursing is far from boring. It’s actually a very dynamic career. Each day, there’s always something new to learn, new people to meet, and new situations to overcome.

With stress, long hours at work, and staffing issues, however, nurses may not always have an enjoyable time at work.

So, to bring back the smile on your face, here are the funniest nursing quotes and ecards we collected just for you. Have fun!

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1I pledge allegiance to nursing …

2We¬†do like our job, most of the time, and we do prefer nights to days but yea it’s a killer!

3Only those in the medical field would understand…

4Because nurses have seen the grossest things known in human history….


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6Oh so true…..

7Here’s for a happy nursing week..

8So true!

9Or waitresses, housekeepers…

10LOL. So true!

11That’s right!

12More like 50-60 hours a week and yeah…


15Yeah right….

16Nurses know this…

17The life of a nurse…


19Damn right!

20Funny nursing quote… from a bitchy nurse..

21Because patient is always right?


23WARNING: Don’t disturb a busy nurse.

24So true….

25Haha!! All nurses think this when speaking to a doctor!

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27Please, do tell! lol

28So mean…LOL

29That phone call…


31Treat your nurses well…

32I want a decontamination shower installed before I enter my house….

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33I am a Nurse!

34What do you think?

35This must be a pleasant wake up call for patients!

36Bowel Movement Supervisor

37The life of a nurse….

38Don’t listen to me…

39Ha! Thats pretty darn strong. LOL

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40Said the triage nurse:

41Hahahaha Echo’s for everyone!

42Said nobody ever….

43Hahahaha story of our lives!!!

44Because nurses don’t have time for nonsense…


46Love being a nurse!! It’s like a video game: dodge all the obstacles and try to make it to the end.

47ER humor…

48My life in an eCard…


50Here’s to the Labor Nurse!

52But you got some crazy problems…

53Yes please….

54I laughed far more than I should have…

55Nursing school problems…

56How true…

57Never mind

58This reminds me of some administrators I know…


60Mr. Back pain x 6 years

61This makes me crazy. Call the tech.


63Pain scale. Slightly more accurate. If only.



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67Maid not a Nurse

68This only scratches the surface….

69Yes Doctor

70Lucky bitch….


72Just so you know


74Nursing problem

75It’s in my chart

76Hemoglobin A1 C never lies….

78We pride ourselves

79Nursing homes and hospitals

80Said no nurse ever

81Pay attention…..



85Chronic nonsense

86I work half-days


88Said no floor nurse ever

8999 problems


91Nursing friendships

92Mental health

93Nurse face…

94Tsk tsk. That’s life…


96Walking a hell lot further

97RN Handbook

98Excellent question!!

99The life of an over zealous night shift RN!

100Who needs the gym? Just go to work! Lol!!

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